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Employee Shift Management App

Employee Digital Log Book Management Software
The new way to organize your shift management. Zip Shift Book is a digital shift log book for managers.

Manager Logbook Mobile App

Zip Shift Book let you create employee shift schedules online in minutes, and keep your track record with web based manager log book mobile apps is easy to use anywhere, so get started today!

Theater Management Logbooks

Analysts expect that box-office revenues in North America will approach $12 billion in 2016, up from a $10.9 billion record set three years ago.

Employee Logbook Software

If you own or manage a restaurant and don’t yet have a state-of-the-art employee logbook software or 21st century digital logbook in your toolkit.

Electronic Logbook Software

Too many restaurants or managers are still dependent upon paper charts and spreadsheets to document shift notes and employee shift scheduling preferences and changes.

Restaurant Digital Logbook

You can now accurately manage every shift online, keep track of performance notes and metrics with a digitized and customizable employee shift logbook, and use sophisticated logbook software to monitor your budgets and expenses.

Bar Management Logbook

Anyone can learn to pour a drink or mix a great cocktail, but the success of a business engaged in selling libations comes down to expertise in bar management.

Restaurant Manager Digital Logbook

An expert restaurant manager is often the biggest asset that a restaurant owner has – even more vital than a celebrity chef. Without a brilliant, resourceful manager who has a hand in every aspect of the operation, no restaurant can function smoothly enough to ensure a spectacular customer experience every single shift.

Customer Service Manager Tools

The good news is that if you are one of the rare businesses in the minority that provides an outstanding experience thanks to having a professional, responsive, and capable customer service manager, your brand’s reputation will soar. It does not take much to make a poor impression on a customer.

7 Good Habits That Make Your Life Easier

Are you normally awake all night and as soon as you go to sleep your alarm beeps? Are you a night owl? Do you oversleep in the morning and reach late to the office? All the above questions are normal occurrences in current era among the young generation. Most of the people in today’s world stay up late for several reasons because of which their start late or with restlessness. However they don’t understand these two are not the only problems this change in the lifecycle impacts the health too.

Electronic Logbook

A digital logbook is a must-have tool for healthcare management and oversight, and it can improve patient care on a number of different highly critical and valuable levels.

Hospitals Management Tools

Zip Shift Book offers a digital book for hospitals management to enhance operations. Zip Shift book is mobile friendly and secure under the cloud.

Restaurant Logbook Online

No matter what type of business you are in, there’s a good chance you have to keep an accurate logbook. Every business must keep an accurate logbook of important records for a four-year period.

Tips Every Store Manager Needs

Whatever type of business you’re in, odds are competition is high. For many store managers, trying to attract and Store Manager retain customers is a real challenge. Just getting them into your store won’t help you increase sales in the long run.

Inventory Management System

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to a customer and a business is for your inventory to show Inventory Management something is in stock, only for it to not be on the shelf.

Electronic Record Keeping System

There have been some major shifts in how business is being conducted over the last decade or so. This is especially Electronic Record Keeping true when it comes to how businesses handle their recordkeeping.

Effectively Managing Employees

Most industries in the workforce find that there is a lot of employee turnover among their people. Management may want their employees to stay around, but they may also not know the best way to go about doing so.

Retail Managers Can Improve Customer Service

Excellent customer service is the backbone of every successful business. No one knows that better than retail managers. So what are some things you can do to improve your customer service?

Effective and Successful Retail Management

Retail managers may have a job that is challenging at times, but most love what they do. They not only have the challenges that they face with their customers, but they also need to manage their team of employees. Being able to be successful in retail management means being able to grow and reach targets.

Hotel Management is Turning to Cloud Computing

As the times change and we become more of a technology-driven society, every industry is looking for ways to harness those powers. The hotel management industry is no different. They are increasingly looking for, and finding, new ways to add cloud computing to their business sector.

Every Business Should Maintain a Log Book

There are millions of small businesses around the nation, and each of them makes transactions every day that will impact their bottom line. Those transactions will also have an impact when it comes to paying taxes.

5 Tips for Helping Hotel Management Improve

In today’s online world, reviews can make or break your business. This is especially true when it comes to those in hotel management. Most people today begin their search for a hotel room online.

Improving Service With Digital Apps

Simply having an employee manual and a plan for delivering great service isn’t enough. You need a way to create a culture of great service, and that takes time and attention.

Log Book Software Solutions for Restaurants

If you are like many restaurant owners you most likely operate not just one but multiple locations. If this is the case, then having a reliable and expertly designed digital logbook software tool isn’t just a luxury, it is a necessity.

Electronic Logbook App Software

You probably are quite familiar with ordinary manual-entry logbooks printed on paper. But a digital log book takes that idea and moves it forward into the 21st century to free you up from time-wasting tasks and annoying aggravations so you can perform at the top of your game.

Record Keeping Software to Help with Taxes - Zip Shift Book

Virtually all restaurant owners and managers use some kind of shift book as a handy way to keep track of employee schedules, group reservations, catering events, ordering of supplies and produce, and other routine tasks.