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Top Things To Do In Makassar – A Brief Guide On What Not To Miss!

The capital of South Sulawesi in Malaysia, Makassar is known as one of the busiest cities in the country of Indonesia. When you're visiting Makassar, here are a few things that you must do.


Losari Beach

Losari Beach is famous for its stunning golden sunsets. You'll find plenty of locals and tourists gathering around the soft sandy beach for the perfect view of the sun making its way to the horizon. The area is also a great place to try some local street food and delicacies like Pisang Epe, a deliciously grilled banana doused in brown sugar sauce or some scrumptious seafood!


Fort Rotterdam

Fort Rotterdam, built by the Dutch at the turn of the 17th century is located in the same place as the previous Makassarese fort known as Ujung Pandang, believed to have been built in the 15th century. This well-preserved fort is a great way to spend your day as you walk through the ancient ramparts of the city.You can also get a good view of Losari Beach.


Car free day

The city observes a car free day on Sunday. So if you're staying at a Makassar hotel, step outside and join the locals as they get about their day riding bicycles, skating and even walking to their destination! Perhaps, if you're staying at an accommodation such as Citadines Royal Bay Makassar, you can have breakfast from the various stalls available along the city's roads.


Kodingareng Island

Head over to Kodingareng Island if you want to partake in some water sports. A boat ride from Bangkoang Port to the island will take about 45 minutes, and those interested in going will have to organise their private boat tour. Popular water activities including exploring the colourful life beneath the waves by snorkelling, or riding jet skis or merely sunbathing! This island is one of the 11 around the Spermonde archipelago in Makassar, measuring to about 1 hectare.



Adventure enthusiasts, this one's for you! Approximately 40 minutes from the city of Makassar, head over to Rammang Rammang in the early hours of the morning and kayak along the enticing emerald waters as you explore the various shapes of limestone karsts. The most popular attractions here are the Bulu' Barakka' cave, Telapak Tangan cave, Pute river, and the limestone forest park which covers about 45,000 hectares making it the 3rd largest in the world


Bantimurung Waterfall

The Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park is one of the most iconic parks in Indonesia and the most popular attraction is the beautiful Bantimurung Waterfall. Besides playing around in the refreshing cool waters at the base of the falls, there's also a natural slide which is plenty of fun! The waterfall measures to the height of 15 meters and about 20 meters in width. The national park is also famous for being home to the wide variety of butterflies at the park and is often referred to as the Kingdom of Butterflies. Explorers will be able to find around 286 caves inside the park.