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Headline for Festivals in Guangzhou -The cultural & ancient city of China
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Festivals in Guangzhou -The cultural & ancient city of China

China has many festivals that happen in most parts of the country throughout the year, and of it all, here is a list of the best, most fun and prominent festivals of all time.


Yangjiang Kite Festival

Known for being the hometown of every type of Chinese kite, Yangjiang is equally well known for its massive kite festival. This fun festival has been happening since 1992 and people of all ages participate to celebrate the joy and pride of South China. Kite lovers from all over the world fly down to China for this festival every year and since most hotels will be booked way ahead, it's a good idea to rent a serviced apartment in Guangzhou if you are travelling with a group of friends. For the comfort loving lot, renting at a place like Citadines LiZhiWan Guangzhou and other serviced apartments is a great option.


The Autumn Festival

Happening in the mid of autumn every year, this festival has 4 main customs that is done by everyone who takes part in the festival. Beginning with the making hanging lanterns at homes, this festival is a symbol of good luck for the people and is certainly a pleasant sight for the sore eyes. The second custom of the festival is a bit of a challenge for outsiders as it has you eating well-cooked river snails. Using medical herbs to remove the pungent smell, this dish is believed to make your eyesight 10 times better. Thirdly, women and children will set out to worship the moon with prayers for good luck. The final custom of the festival is to bathe in the moonlight as the moon is a cupid and will bring you closer to your loved ones. Women who are trying to get pregnant also participate in this ritual as it is believed that moon bathing increases her chances of getting pregnant.


Guangzhou's Spring Flower Festival

Even better than the pictures you've seen online, the flowers displayed at this festival look like they have been delicately painted on every stem. It is a custom to gift friends and relatives with flower baskets bought at this festival every New Year and every flower symbolizes a sentiment or emotion.


Polo Birth Festival

This festival fair happens inside a temple and has been celebrated for more than 1,000 years. A popular saying in China states that a man's first priority in life is to visit the Polo temple fair and his second priority would be to find a wife. With that saying, you might have guessed how important this festival is in the Chinese culture. Legends have it that Polo is a magical chicken and one in every 100,000 chicken is Polo, and if your chicken is Polo, you can expect great fortune in your near future. An old lady who loved her chicken very much refused to sell it to a rich man and he had her chicken killed. The lady was heartbroken and made a paper chicken filled with the feathers of the dead bird and to everyone's surprise, the paper chicken crowed the next morning. To celebrate this folklore, paper chickens are sold at the temple during this festival.


Lotus Flower Festival

This flower festival has been getting more popular every year and is a must visit if you are a nature lover. The Lotus Blossom Hill holds this festival every August and you can view about 30,000 gorgeous lotus flowers at one time here.