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05 Local Dishes to Try Out in Maldives – It's the Tropics, Let Go and Enjoy

Maldives is a fabulous destination for relaxing and enjoying the warm embrace of the Indian Ocean. Cuisine there is mainly seafood based, fresh and full of flavour. Here are few dishes worth trying.


Tuna and Coconut Mix – Mas Huni

This is a delicious mix of coconut, chilli and tuna; a firm favourite amongst Maldivians. This is a kind of flaky salad that requires very little preparation time and is often a staple at the breakfast table. Mas Huni is enjoyed with roshi or chapatti and a steaming hot mug of black tea. Roshi is traditional Maldivian thin bread.


Chilli Tuna – Kulhimas

This is quite simply a chilli tuna dish; as denoted by the name. Kulhi in local dialect means hot or spicy while mas quite simply means fish. This too like the former is a local favourite enjoyed at lunch and dinner time with roshi or rice; it is a staple on the menu of just about all Maldives restaurants.


Maldivian Fish Soup – Garudhiya

Over the centuries Maldivians have added tuna to their staple diet; the fish is often smoked or dried before being used in any dish; however, this Maldivian Soup valued for its nutritive qualities is made with fresh tuna. It is a clear broth soup that is simple and packed with fresh flavours. The soup is often eaten hot with rice or on its own flavoured with lime and salt.


Sweetened Sticky Rice – Handulu Bondibai

Handulu Bondibai is a traditional dish that is made to celebrate a special occasion such as a birth. It is most often made with rice, although other variants include sago or breadfruit. The dish can be eaten on its own or with Mas Huni, as a side accompaniment. When prepared for a special occasion, parcels of Kulhimas -which is the chilli tuna and Bondibai are made and distributed amongst neighbours and friends. Take a boat from Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort to Male and you will come across loads of local cafes serving this delicious meal.


Fish Cake – Kulhiboakibaa

This is a traditional dish that has been eaten over the centuries by the Maldivian people. This too is a dish that is made for special occasions such as local festivals and feasts, although, today Kulhiboakibaa is often a favourite snack enjoyed at tea time. Key ingredients are rice, coconut and smoked tuna; the rice is soaked overnight and ground to a thick paste before being mixed with the rest of the ingredients.