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Headline for Attractions in and around Ko Kret – The Crowned Jewels along Chao Phraya
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Attractions in and around Ko Kret – The Crowned Jewels along Chao Phraya

A journey to the island of Ko Kret, located by the mighty Chao Praya River, is guaranteed to provide you with the opportunity to witness an array of glorious attractions.Listed down below are some highlights.


Wat Paramaiyikawat

This is a prestigious temple located on the island and is, in fact, the main attraction here. The 300-year-old Mutao Pagoda, built in the Mon Style, is its biggest highlight. The temple grounds are quite spacious with large orientation halls, small pagodas, and a pottery museum that's of immense significance. The island is famously known for the exclusive Mon Culture which is a form of art originated in Burma which is evident in the clothes, food, and buildings (both houses and temples) on the island. Wat Paramaiyikawat reflects some of this impressive culture and is adorned with Burma infused temple architecture.


Pak Kret OTOP Market

The OTOP sign in Bangkok which you see here refers to locally grown products. This is a small market with locally produced food and other products. This is the perfect place to have a cheap and delicious lunch after an exhausting journey. The market is filled with various local snacks, drinks, and sweets. The busy ambiance of the market reflects the features of island living and is guaranteed to be an experience of a lifetime. The 'Fried Nor Kala patty' (Nor Kala is a freshly produced vegetable in the region) is a highlight of the market and is, in fact, a very rare dish even in the country. Therefore, make sure to try it when visiting.


Pottery Villages

Ko Kret is known to be a famous destination for pottery shopping. You can walk along the many alleys of the island and explore the pottery villages with the amazing smell of fresh clay. You can buy the perfect pots, bowls, and cups from the vibrant pottery villages. You can also try your hand at molding clay to make your own bowl; this is a pretty cool experience.


Royal barge museum

This glorious museum is located along the Chao Phraya river and contains eight of the most beautiful and unique vessels or Royal barges of the country. You may visit the museum when on a Chao Phraya Cruise, of your choice such as the ones with fine dining options such as Anantara Cruises. The vessels are reserved for auspicious state occasions such as the 'Royal Barge Procession'. These are majestic structures with sizeable pieces of teak carvings. The prows are engraved with golden mythical creatures, decorated with tiny pieces of shiny glass.


Wat Sao Thong Hin

This ancient temple is one of the most popular attractions along the Chao Phraya. It was initially referred to as 'Wat Sak' directly translated as 'Teak temple' due to the dense teak and rubber plantations in the area. History dictates that King Taksin had his army troops camped in Wat Sak in order to regain independence of Ayutthaya. The temple is home to the Luang Phor Toh Temple hall located in the middle of a pond. Enshrined in the hall are red sandstone Buddha image and a Luang Phor Toh Buddha image.