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Attractions in Beruwala – An Idyllic Coastal Town with much to offer

The town of Beruwala is located in the Kalutara District of Sri Lanka, about 55km from Colombo city. There's plenty to do around and about the town, if you ever visit the area!


Golden Mile Beach

Beruwala houses a beautiful, rather broad beach of golden sands and calm, blue waters. It is an ideal place to take a refreshing swim, relax under the shade of lush palm groves or get that perfect tan. The beach is lined with many restaurants and cafés where you can indulge in some plenteous grub to recharge as well! Keep your eyes peeled for turtles while there as the Golden Mile is a favourite nesting spot among the ancient species. Please remember to keep a respectful distance if you do spot one – turtles are highly endangered (so every egg counts!) and are easily spooked. Stay as far back and as quiet as possible and do not cross their path from the front, keep to the back where they are less likely to see you.


Fishing Harbor

Beruwala is a fishing village, in fact, the name 'Beruwala' is even derived from the Sinhalese word for the place where the sail is lowered. The town has a bustling and lively fishing harbour, which provides a fantastic opportunity for visitors to observe the local livelihood and culture. You can take an early morning walk to the traditional fishing port to watch fisherman bring in the morning catch on hundreds of fishing boats and vividly coloured outrigger canoes. The adjacent fish market offers lavish, fresh-off-the-boat seafood from a large variety of reef fish and deep sea fish to prawns and lobsters as well! There are also a fantastic array of sea food restaurants in the area if you happen to start craving seafood while wondering around the fishing hub.



Fascinatingly, Beruwala is where the first Muslim settlement in Sri Lanka was established by Arab Traders. This makes the Masjid-ul-ABRAR mosque, established in 920 AD, the oldest mosque in Sri Lanka! The mosque is located on Arabi road in Beruwala, its grand structure boasting distinctly Arab architecture, complete with imposing minarets. The building is hard to miss and is definitely worth a visit. According to ancient texts, the first Arab settlers are buried in the burial grounds alongside the mosque!


Barberyn Island

Barberyn Island located just off the Beruwala beach is home to the picturesque International Lighthouse of Beruwala, which is still functional today. The island is a small isolated spot of scenic paradise, enrobed in lavish greenery, and the 20 feet tall cliff upon which the lighthouse stands provides gorgeous panoramic views of the Beruwala Sea and its surroundings. It is also a great spot to take some fantastic photographs! You can hire a local boat to take you up to the island.


China Fort

The China Fort is Beruwala's gem trading hub. The trading fair has been a part of Beruwala for many generations and is dominated by Sri Lankan Moors, most of whom are descended from those who first settled here. Much of the coloured precious stones of the global gem industry are traded through the merchants here. Even if you aren't looking to buy stones yourself it's a great place to observe the people, culture and workings of the gem industry.


Water Sports

If what you're looking for is a bit of an adrenaline rush, not to worry, Beruwala still has you covered! The town has exquisite water sports facilities offered by a variety of outlets. Activities are offered particularly at Water Sports Clubs and Centres and at many a luxury hotel Sri Lanka has to offer (both in Beruwala and the entire Kalutara District) such as the Anantara Kalutara Resort. Most popular activities include water scooter rides, water skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, jet-skiing, surfing and even deep sea fishing and scuba diving at wreck sites and coral reefs.