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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Best Extreme Activities to Experience in Melbourne - an adrenaline junkies dream city

Looking for a thrilling experience in Melbourne? With everything from skydiving, racing to shark dives, there's something for everyone to try in Melbourne.


1. Tandem skydiving

Tick this one off your extreme adventure bucket list the next time you head to Melbourne! A tandem skydives means anyone can try it as an instructor takes care of all the necessary work (like making sure your parachute opens) and landing, while you are strapped to him, and left to simply enjoy the view of the Yarra Valley below. The exhilarating experience, which takes place over Melbourne's famous wine region, starts off with the skydiving instructor giving you a quick run through of tandem diving and what to expect, along with safety briefing. Once you are comfortable enough, you board the plane, get strapped in, and then finally jump out of the plane, 14,000ft above ground. Divers can enjoy up to 60 seconds of free fall at speeds of up to 220km/h, before your skydive instructor opens the parachute, after which you can savor up to 5 to 7 minutes of gliding over the valley.


2. Rally car driving

Fulfill your need for speed at the Mount Cottrell Rally School where you can book your very own rally car experience. Drivers have the option of getting behind the wheel of one of these powerful vehicles, or if you don't have a manual license or simply lack the confidence to maneuver these speed demons, climb into the passenger seat as a professional rally driver takes you over the course. With several different packages to choose from, you are guaranteed to enjoy this to the max, as you race up to 16 fast paced laps, depending on the package, around a circuit


3. Diving with sharks

Head over to the Melbourne Aquarium for a once in a lifetime experience; as you take the plunge and dive into the home of some of the ocean's deadliest predators. The experience open to certified and uncertified divers, plus includes entry to the entire aquarium, so you can spend an entire day here. The shark dive includes swimming among famous sharks like Whaler sharks, nurse sharks and many more, all while a qualified instructor ensures that you have an exciting, but safe dive. Aside from the sharks, you'll also get to see plenty of other species who share the environment, many of whom will even swim up close to get a better look at you.


4. Abseiling along Melbourne's skyscrapers

Australian's are known for their thrill seeking spirit and 'rap jumping', a form of abseiling down buildings, is a prime example of it. Rap jumping uses freestyle rope work which allows you to 'run' down the side of a building as you control the speed of your decent. Located in the Southbank district, it's a great activity to try if you happen to be staying at an accommodation near MCG, especially at properties such as [Oaks On Collins]. If you're looking for something different that will allow you to experience Melbourne from a new perspective, this is for you.


5. Clay shooting

Work on your aim with a fun, clay shooting experience. Great for either small groups of friends or individuals, the entire session runs for nearly 3 hours with competitive scoring. For first time shooters, an instructor will provide you with one-on-one training along with a full safety prep.

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