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Religious Attractions in Tianjin – Discover Holistic Beauty

Tianjin's religious popularity is hard to ignore, the place is home to a collection of China's most stunning temples, churches and sanctuaries. Read on and plan a cultural tour like no other.


St Joseph's Cathedral – Xikai

This is Tianjin's most notable Roman Catholic Church; built in 1916 the church holds bilingual masses and is located downtown. The cathedral which can be reached via an hour's drive from Ascott TEDA MSD Tianjin is more a local attraction. Curious Chinese eager to learn about western culture and religion flock the church for an insight and do often, outnumber foreign visitors. Inside the cathedral are beautiful paintings as well as statues, a pulpit and way of the cross stations. A no. 1 site to visit in Tianjin the church is most active when packed to a maximum at Christmas and Easter.


Dabei Buddhist Monastery – Dabeiyuan

This beautiful shrine dates back to the Ming and Qing dynasties; and is so well hidden that one cannot randomly stumble upon Dabeiyuan. Wedged in between the huge skyscrapers of Tianjin the temple can be located by following English signs and landmarks such as a vintage red building and little-known arch. Ravaged during the Cultural Revolution the temple has been fully restored and consists of a maze of halls, that can only be deciphered by referring to the map at the back of your ticket. Costs of a ticket are minute and well worth the fare, for exploring this historical building.


Wanghailou Church

Easy to reach from any well-located Tianjin accommodation, Wanghailou Church sits on the banks of the Haihe River. It is close to the Tianjin Eye and is a Catholic church that has survived the test of time. The name in local dialect translates to sea view tower and continues to serve as a church to the community. Standing calm and tall in the middle of a busy street this holistic sanctuary was designed by a French architect in the early 1900's, when China was under European occupation. The design of the building is a mix of typical European facades and red brick edifices common to Tianjin.


Tianjin Great Mosque

This mosque stands out as a foreigner amongst the other common religions that have shaped Tianjin. Different to Buddhism, Christianity and Taoism, this Islamic shrine resembles an Arabic palace. Serving as a prayer centre to the Muslims of Tianjin the mosque is located close to the Xizhan subway and Aqua City Supermarket. This temple is a good reminder of Tianjin's Uyghur or Muslim community.


Chaoyin Temple

Built in 1404, in the period of the Ming Dynasty, this temple is the only cultural relic open to public viewing in the Tanggu District. The shrine throughout its 600 year history has survived a course of attacks and was all but destroyed until it was restored in 1992. The temple is an ode to both Taoism and Buddhism and is a marvellous example of ancient culture and architecture. Plenty of cultural and folk activities are held there regularly while sights of fishermen offering prayers and burning incense sticks for protection from the Gods are common.

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