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Fantastic Blog Posts

Collection of Blog Posts that I read or still need to read but sound nice

How To Expand Your Vocabulary - Axtschmiede

Having a great and vast vocabulary can only be beneficial to you. Why? Because it gives you the ability to persuade people better.

How To On The Security Of Passwords - Axtschmiede

Passwords are everything on the interwebz as you probably know but are you doing a good job keeping your passwords safe? Let's find out!

Our Beliefs About the Brain and Behavior Are Wrong - Axtschmiede

Our Beliefs About the Brain and Behavior Are Wrong. How so you might ask? Well through time there has been new fields of study such as neuromarketing.

Sexbots And Our Future With Them - Axtschmiede

Sexbots will change everything as I said in different articles before, but how exactly and what exactly will they change? Let's find out!

What Are Neurotransmitters? - Axtschmiede

Neurotransmitters? What are they? How many do we have? What are they doing? What's their purpose? All this and more you gonna find out here!

Humans Are Not That Special - Axtschmiede

Humans/We aren't as special as some folks might think. Human exceptionalism is a growing cancer that led us to many troubles IMO.

Fear And The Neuroscience Behind It - Axtschmiede

In todays post I am going to cover the neuroscience behind fear. Fear responses and why we have them, where it's coming from and much more.

PEAK: The Neuroscientific Way To Self-Improvement - Axtschmiede

Updates on my new and coming book PEAK: The Neuroscientific Way To Self-Improvement it talks about neuroscience and self-improvement.

The Slave Of Society And Civilization - Axtschmiede

Who are the slaves of society you might ask? Well, it's MEN. Men who work and slave their lives away living for someone else.

Emotions Are Part Of Being Human - Axtschmiede

Emotions Are Part Of Being Human that's a fact but they do get us in trouble, sadly. But what if we could use them to make that happen less often? Find out!

What You Can Learn From DragonBall - Axtschmiede

A lot of people probably heard about Dragonball, many of us grew up with it and it's still an ongoing show that passed the test of time!

How To Become Outcome Independent - Axtschmiede

Are you Outcome Independent? Probably not because it means taking responsibility for your actions and taking action towards fixing your problems!

Emotional Intelligence Is Bullshit - Axtschmiede

Emotional Intelligence. Ever heard of that? Think it's a valid concept? Think again because it's not it's just another snake oil scam, Read more here!

The Good And Bad About Joe Dispenza - Axtschmiede

Joe Dispenza, does what he writes work? is it all a scam? Are his books worth reading? Many answers to these questions and more can you find here, enjoy!

Can Virtual Reality Sex Make You Smarter? - Axtschmiede

Virtual Reality Sex... Can it make you smarter? Yes, No, Maybe? Sex certainly does, we know that much, real sex that is, but VR might work too.

How To Be A More Masculine Speaker - Axtschmiede

Most Men have weak pathetic voices, they are shaking when they speak they aren't masculine, but how do you become a more masculine speaker?

The Problem With The Red Pill - Axtschmiede

The problem with the Red Pill? Whut? I am aware that this might raise some questions like "am I advocating a blue pill life?" Am I against the red pill?

What is Axtschmiede? - Axtschmiede

Axtschmiede is a Website for Men that covers several topics about Masculinity and tradition. Mainly, Germanic and Norse tradition and Mythology.

Axtschmiede - Sharp Words For Your Mind

Sharp Words For Your Mind

The Return To Our Forebears - Axtschmiede

The Return To Our Forebears is necessary. Read this article to understand why it is beneficial to go back to our roots and connect with our history.

Humans Are Approaching The End Of The World - Axtschmiede

Humans Are Approaching The End Of The World. How? Look around the world gets worse but in this article I will show you the biological reasons for it.

Patience And The Neuroscience Behind It - Axtschmiede

Patience. Everyone heard of it, everyone knows it's useful, many don't have it though and I am one of those who doesn't have it. More about it in this post!

Pain Is The Best Tool To Learn - Axtschmiede

People Only Learn Through Pain that's what I discovered. They have to fall on their faces once or twice, maybe more to change anything.

Four Neuroscience Books To Educate Yourself - Axtschmiede

Four Neuroscience Books To Educate Yourself. In this article I will present you four neuroscience books that give you a solid understanding of it.