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List of Top Mobile App Development Companies in India

The mobile application landscape has been constantly changing over the years. Just a few years after the introduction of mobile phones, the rapid development has lead to the evolution of the revolutionary app development companies. offered really unique products in the market.


Konstant Infosolutions

Founded in the year of 2003, they are one of the premier Software development companies in India, they have built a reputation over the years by creating products which have a mark of innovation in the web and mobile domain. Their growth has been steady over the years and currently, they have clients in more than 40 countries and have offices in more than six locations worldwide. With a workforce of more than 170 employees, Konstant solutions have highly qualified and experienced IT professionals who well versed in delivering the best technology solutions and consulting services across diverse business segments.Their specialty is in providing reliable web and mobile solutions, UI/Ux design solutions, E-commerce solutions, CMS development, Cross-platform mobile development and also IT consulting services.




Smarther is based out of Chennai, India, they are a leading web and mobile application development company in India. Founded by Kumar Pandian, in the year of 2012, they have expanded rapidly and have established their corporate offices in USA and Chennai. They currently serve clients across 30 different countries. Smarther’s specialty lies in developing applications in Android, ios platforms. They deliver custom IOS app development company program, they are also into game development, search engine optimization and online marketing services. Recently they were honored as the best Mobile app development company in Chennai by Enantra.



Agriya technology was started in the year of 2000 by Mr. Aravind Kumar. Based in Chennai, India, their growth accelerated soon after its inception due to their splendid, well-crafted web solutions. They are regarded by many, as one of the pioneers of the clone script businesses. The company has a total strength of more than 200 employees who are expert mobile app developers and focus on developing customer centric, user-friendly, highly modernized solutions. Their main area of expertise lies in building clone scripts and replicas of other famous applications and websites. These are expertly constructed and configured based on their client’s requirements. Currently, they are serving more than 8000 clients spread across 100 countries enabling them to have a diverse customer base. Apart from clone scripts, they offer flawless web solutions for small, medium scale and multinational corporations. Some of their well-renowned products are Blaberchat which is a clone of Whatsapp and Taxi Pickr which is an Uber clone. Website



Appster has made a name in the market for not just making apps, but also made their name by providing their services to top application development firms. Founded in the year of 2011, it was originally started by Mark Mc Donald and Josiah Humphrey in Australia, after successful stints, they started their phase of expansion and established their second office in Gurgaon, India. Appster specializes in marketing, scaling and enhancing the ideas provided by the client company. Some of their reputed applications include Bluedot, Jagermeister hunt master, and Transportme. Currently, Appster has a total headcount of more than 400 employees who are talented and well versed in ios, Android and server side technologies. They basically focus on working with start-ups and serve as their technology execution partner. Website



Techhugo hails from one of the offshore developmental firms located in Dubai and India. It was formed in the year of 2015 and has a strength of more than 120 employees who are working internationally. Within a period of 24 months, they have earned a sizeable amount of high profile clients such as Airtel, BJP, Godfrey Philips, and style match. These high profile clients rely on their mobile applications for everyday operations. Their core expertise lies in app development and software design and development. W



Contus is one of the leading Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud company (SMAC). Based in Chennai, India, it was started by Sriram Manoharan and a couple of friends. It has so far been a successful journey for them, with more than 40 clients across different countries. They currently have offices in India (Chennai) and USA (Sunnyvale) which allows them to coordinate with their clients effectively. Contus presently has a strong team of 200 employees who are skilled and experienced engineers with a wide range of experience in working in different regions. Their main areas of specialization include Mobile Application development, Analytic solutions, Mobile consulting services and mobile application testing. Website



Sourcebits is a Mobile apps development company based out of Bangalore, India. It was founded in the year of 2006 and has been highly praised due to their innovative business strategy and powerful application development tools. Started by Rohit Singhal, it has so far delivered more than 500 projects till now, including more than 30 chart-topping apps, across diverse categories. Their specialty lies in offering Consumer mobile design & development, Mobile app development, Android App development and Product life cycle management.


Codebrew labs

This is one of the fast growing software development companies in India., having started in the year of 2013, the overall strength of employees is only around 50. However, what they lack up in numbers, they compensate with some fine tuned quality work. At codebrew labs, the employees believe in creating a fan base out of their clients and vendors by offering exceptional products, with excellent after sales support. They currently concentrate on contributing to Mobile App Development, Android app development, and 2D/3D game development.



One of the most popular Web and mobile application development companies based in India currently they are having offices all across the globe. Founded in the year of 2004, it was started by three software professionals- Prathapan Sethu, Binu Dasappan, and Ansar Shihabudeen. Qburst has so far delivered over 650 projects and has a manpower of more than 1100 professionals. Being in this industry for a long time, they have gained an in-depth experience in major app development platforms and have successfully implemented their ideas to create interactive user interfaces. Qburst offers a wide range of mobile applications for their clients, which usually ranges from native to cross-platform mobile apps and user-friendly consumer apps.



Techahead is synonymous with perfection and excellence in the mobile app development industry. Having a client base all across the world, they have earned a reputation for developing dynamic, user-focused, interactive mobile applications. Their skilled, professional team are committed to producing time-efficient quality applications. Techahead has a proven track record for creating complex and critical ios apps.They also have a 100% success rate in i-store approval Apart from building i-phone, i-pad applications, they also develop applications for Windows platform.