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Real Time App Development

*PushFYI *is a platform for real-time app development. It is a global data stream network which helps to build amazing real-time web & mobile applications for smarter businesses. PushFYI Websocket API’s are available in multiple programming languages like Java, PHP, Javascript,, Android, Node-JS, and etc. so you can choose the right API for your real-time application.


WebRTC: Are you not impressed yet? Check out these use cases!

Webrtc enables applications such as video calling, file sharing, collaboration, sales, diverse integration, screen sharing without any support.

Real Time Multiplayer Game Development API | PushFYI Websocket Server

Get PushFYI websocket API's (JavaScript, Android, Python, PHP) to enable multi-user interaction into your gaming app that update in real time.

Real Time Data Visualization JavaScript API | PushFYI Websocket Gateway

Build real time data dashboard with PushFYI Websocket API. Real time dashboard gives the benefit to analyze data without any delay in the delivery of the information.


Real Time Communication System

Real Time Communication System

Real time communication, Chatting, Messaging, Video Conferencing

Real Time Social Feed JavaScript API | PushFYI Websocket Server

PushFYI websocket server api helps create social feed with real time features. It takes less than 30 minutes to build apps using your favourite language.

Top 10 Worthwhile Uses of WebSockets

In today’s ever-so-connected world, even a second’s delay in loading the data requested by users can prove fatal to your web application in building user engagement. Perhaps you may: think building a real-time web application might save your product from such a dreadful situation. Unfortunately, you still might fail if your developer relies on hacks like AJAX long polling for web application development (Just for the record, long polling is a resourceful and functional technique to overcome standard HTTP client-initiated communication issues, but it has a few cons). The problem with HTTP long polling mechanism is that it still carries the overhead of HTTP. This is where WebSockets comes to your rescue. The WebSocket technology helps in achieving persistent and low-latency communication between client and server. Without further ado, let’s now talk about 10 of the best uses for WebSockets that illustrate when you should consider using WebSockets for your app development project:

An Introduction to Websockets: Beginners Guide

“Real-time” is becoming the new norm for modern application development, as more and more consumers today demand faster access to data. While interacting with applications in real time has become routine for many of us, developing an application that ensures a flawless and positive user experience still seems to be the Holy Grail for developers.

Real Time Location Based App Development | PushFYI Websocket API

Whether you want to build a location based mobile application from scratch or want to integrate real time Geolocation features into an existing application, *PushFYI *can help you meet your desired development needs without any hassle.

How Startups can benefit from Real-time Data Streaming

Streaming data in real-time provides excellent opportunity to startups in building customer trust and engagement.

Real Time Collaborative Document Editing API | Canvas Websockets

Now, location is no more an issue with PushFYI Websocket API's. The real time document collaboration tool helps multiple users access and edit the same document and at the same point of time.

Transforming E-learning with Real-time Data Streaming

Making e-learning (or online education) better and intriguing with the help of real-time data streaming powered by WebSockets.

Real Time Push Notification & Updates API | PushFYI Websocket Gateway

PushF YI websockets api(PHP, Android, iOs, JavaScript) empowers developers in building updates & notification system that trigger real-time notifications when some application events occur.

Real Time Multimedia Chat API JavaScript | PushFYI Websocket Server

PushFYI powerful chat API(JavaScript, Android, iOs, Python) empower developers in building innovative and real-time chat applications for web and mobile. Whether you want to add real-time features into an individual chat, group chat, or video chat, PushFYI enables businesses in creating real-time chat solutions that best suit their needs.

Artificial Intelligence Chatbot JavaScript API | PushFYI Websocket Server

Create smarter, high-value artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot with PushFYI Websocket api with JavaScript, Java, iOs, C# .Net, Python, PHP and Android.

WebRTC Video & Voice Chat JavaScript API | PushFYI

Build Real-time video and voice chat application with the help of PushFYI WebRTC API (iOS, Android, PHP, JavaScript). PushFYI provides low-latency signaling services to establish WebRTC connection.