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GST Keeper

GST Calculator: How is it Beneficial for Businesses?

To streamline the whole GST process, the Government has employed several GSPs and ASPs, to design GST calculator for complex GST calculations and a software that will help people in registration, tax filing and claiming returns.

Impact of GST on Catering and Restaurant Businesses

The GST regime will definitely work for all the sectors doing supplies of goods and services in the long run. All you need to do is get registered under GST by filling the GST registration form and enjoy the benefits.

Digital India: How will it benefit the Government?

Digitalization after the GST impact has given rise to various tolls comprising GST calculator and software that can help the organization of entire taxation system on an online platform.

10 Effective Tips for Generating Business Invoices

Government of India has designed GST software with the help of GSPs and ASPs to make the GST calculations easier for the businesses. There are numerous tips following which you can create effective billing invoices which is easy to comprehend and contains rules and regulations of the GST.

8 Essential Points to Include While Generating a Business Invoice

If you are finding difficulty in the tax or credit calculations, get a precise GST credit calculator that can simplify all the GST-related tasks.

GST registration online is the best ways to get registered under the GST and make your business tax ready. There are no such fees that you have to pay at the time of registration.

A Brief Guide to GST Registration Procedure | A Content Box

it’s advisable for everyone involved in goods and supplies businesses, register themselves under the process so that you are able to avail the enormous benefits.

All about Composition Scheme for Small Businesses

GST exemption for small businesses is provided by the government in the form of the composition scheme. So, business must opt for it and grow their business in order to endure in the competitive market.

7 Reasons to Use GST Software in 2017

In this post, we list seven important reasons that you need to use a reliable GST software for accounting business in your company

FAQs about GST Tools

Many Business Organizations have different types of misconceptions about GST and facing issues while working with GST Software for accounting purpose. Here are some FAQ about GST tools

4 Challenges Businesses Face due to lack of Advanced GST Software

After the GST Era, Many Companies faces huge loss because of inability to understand the Bill and its process. Because of non-availability of GST Software many challenges face by Businesses

Why to Be Afraid of GST?

The new indirect tax regime implies numerous taxes which range from zero to 28 percent. Due to these numerous taxes, the system has become extremely complicated for the taxpayers and the authorities.

3 Ways to Reduce Return Rates of the Online Store under GST Law

One of the best ways to reduce the return rate of your product is to allow customers to drop the reviews about your product or services and the online stores.

All You Need to Know About Requesting Deposits on Invoices

Requesting deposits on invoices always proves to be a benefit as you do not have to worry about the payments being done on time or not. It’s advisable to check each detail of the client if you’re unfamiliar about the client and his work.

4 Tips to Improve your Business Sales

Businesses hire skilled workforces to make the sales by convincing people at the same time keeping in mind the rules of the taxation system. This blog post lists four important tips following which anyone can improve their sales.

5 Business Advantages of Accepting Online Payments

There are some sturdy reasons due to which many companies in different countries have started making use of online payments. This post lists those reasons why you too need to pick online payment modes for obtaining and making payments.

5 Ways to Accept Payments in 21st Century

In the modern business world, the businesses have chosen the most advanced way of accepting payments from the customers such as digital payment modes from banking apps. This post lists five ways in which businesses are accepting payments in the 21st century.

How to Tackle GST After-Effects in a Freelancing Business | WowYar

If you think there are bigger projects or clients and you want to protect your work from being discontinued, do the job in installments and ask them to pay the portion of it.

8 Tips to Send Online Invoices to Your Clients - abcrnews

Generating online invoice is one of the best ways to ask for payments to the client and the customers. It reduces your worries of generating invoices in particular formats.

5 Business Requirements you need to Improve Quickly

Apart from GST, you need to keep your workforce inline so that they support your business eventually to gain success and prosperity. In this post, we list five business requirements you need to improve quickly.

Tax practitioners should opt for gst certification courses in the domain of the new indirect tax regime so as to gain thorough insights into the subject. Right from gaining the access to the way the new law functions to the matter in which the returns are filed, a GST certification will solve the issues to a significant extent.

How an ERP Software can help a Business to Meet GST Compliance?

As the businesses having no external support are almost on a ventilator and are thriving to seek some technical assistance which can help them sail through the waves of taxation adversities, ERP is the only thing which can help them stand still in the worthy surfs of disruption.

Taxation Basics: 4 Things Everyone Needs to Know About GST

GST is not applicable to all goods and services as the government has decided to keep real estate, liquor, and petroleum products out of the ambit of GST.

4 Kinds of Basic Returns That are Mandatory to File Under GST

GSTN, the technological backbone of GST, has provided a common portal over which the returns have to be filed. This article is precisely directed towards the major kinds of GST return which every taxpayer would be expected to file.