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Water sports that you can try in Negombo

A beach to frolic, a lagoon to find tranquillity and a city to explore.
One of the iconic cities to visit while in Sri Lanka, boasting of tropical atmosphere and sort after by many vacationers, Negombo is a splendid location for a holiday getaway.


A cooling dip from the tropical heat

Graced with some stunning sights, Negombo is a fantastic city to indulge in a great many activities and to explore the vibrant culture of Sri Lanka. With the beach lacing one side of the city and a predominant lagoon on the other side, it suffices to say that this locale promises a range of terrific water sports to fill up one's vacation. Visiting the beach while in Negombo is a must. The ocean that stretches out to the horizon is ideal for a refreshing plunge while enjoying the tropical goodness of Negombo. So do not forget to reach a bit further than soaking feet at the waters lapping on the seashore and to take a dive in one of the largest "swimming pools" known to man.


An under the sea encounter

Offering something more realistic than the Little Mermaid experience, Negombo is a place to pull out the snorkelling gear. Rich in corals and marine life, the deep blue waters bordering this city is a paradise for the snorkelling enthusiasts. Submerge under the oceanic blanket to discover the glories hidden beneath it from kaleidoscopic coral reefs to exotic sea creatures. A snorkeller here is bound to come across some interesting ocean life that calls Negombo their home. In addition to observing the marine life in the region, one can also do some shipwreck and air craft wreck explorations here. There are approximately 20 sites that one could visit for this activity including the Eleven Fathom Reefs, Grant Travelley Reef, Grouper Rock and Pearl Reef.


Satiate the spirit of friendly competition

Be it in the vast ocean or a resort swimming pool available here, waboba is an exciting game to engage in if one is able to make up two teams of four. What can only be described as a cross between water polo and frisbee, waboba is an exciting game to revel in while on vacation. If opting for a pool available at a negombo hotel, there are a number of accommodation options to select from including Hotel J. So be sure to pack in a waboba ball to fill in the leisurely hours when visiting Negombo.


Exploring the wild on a boat

Boasting of an extremely diverse ecosystem, Negombo is the home of the iconic Muthurajawela Wetland Sanctuary. A part of the Negombo lagoon, one can explore the Muthurajawela Marshes by hopping into one of the boats on offer for these excursions. Discover the rich biodiversity that Sri Lanka hosts including some endemic species the likes of the monitor lizard. Sighting jellyfishes up close within the reach of one's hand can be a remarkable experience as well.


Sailing back in time

A sight that cannot be erased off of one's memory is the catamarans that dominate Negombo's coast. With old fashion weathered brown sails, this picturesque scenery whisks one away to another era where similar boats with sails supported the livelihood of the fishing community in Negombo. For those who'd prefer a more intimate experience with the catamarans than viewing them from a far, there are a number of establishments around Negombo that offers catamaran rides.

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