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Updated by Rahel Bailie on Sep 10, 2019
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Top Traits of a Content Designer

These are the top 5 traits of a successful content designer



Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another human. Understanding the tasks that users want to complete, their frustrations, and what delights them is critical to being an effective content designer.
Empathy in User Research
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A good content designer asks why. And why not? Curiosity sparks our creativity and ingenuity, which in turn provides those aha moments that turn into great ideas.
Curiosity for Effective User Research
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Caring is a natural outcome of curiosity. Caring means not confining yourself to the small content design but the big picture: Content Design. You care about users as well as the organisation creating the content, and all the bits in between.
What you own vs what you care about, via Shopify
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This is a natural, right? Communication is a core part of the skills that content designers bring to the table. However, remembering to communicate is different from the ability to communicate - a critical point here - and the content designers who make communication a habit end up being far more effective, in the long run.
Communication: a core skill
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Obviously, you may say. Though writing is a core skill, it's not just any kind of writing. Content designers need to write in a style that is appropriate to the organisation, whether that is guidance writing for the government, technical instructions for industry, user interface labels and error messages, or clues and power-ups in games. The writing must also meet the needs of users, and fit within the confines of the displays, interfaces, and so on.
Content design skills at GDS
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