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#121 Useful Microsoft in Education posts this week

Posts about using Microsoft applications in the classroom.

What's New in Microsoft EDU | September

Bringing STEM-centric projects into the classroom can be a lofty goal when resources are limited, but there’s often room for a grounded, everyday approach. I...

Fans of Minecraft Are Sure to Dig this Nationwide Museum Fest

The indie hit is the perfect game for a day devoted to unearthing knowledge. Minecraft’s exploratory ideal is well realized in Museum Day Live!, the annual nationwide event founded by Smithsonian magazine. This year’s Museum Day Live! festivities—in which upwards of 1,000 distinct museums across the country will be participating on Saturday, September 23—will be complemented by rich Minecraft: Education Edition resources online. Children and adults alike will be able to draw on the museums they visit to create their own worlds, via a series of highly interactive Minecraft lesson plans put together by Smithsonian and Microsoft.

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With the rapid development of science and technology, the tools, contents and methods of the education industry are facing huge challenges. To improve education quality, educators need to keep up with new technologies, acquire new skills and adapt content and methods to keep pace with the times. By integrating new technologies such as augmented reality, educators can gain better cognitive results and raise the overall quality of education available to students.

Microsoft Word Tutorials - How To Insert Shapes in Microsoft Word

This video tutorial includes a quick go through about inserting shapes in Microsoft Word.

Making The Most

EduBlogsClub Prompt #22: Prompt: Write a post about tips and tricks that help you get the most out of your days. Here are some possible topics to help get you started: What apps help you boost your productivity? Why? Describe your daily routine, What could you do to improve your productivity? Share the story of a time when…
What apps help you boost your productivity? Why?
Describe your daily routine, What could you do to improve your productivity?
Share the story of a time when you were more productive than you thought you would be and how you managed to achieve that. Share your favorite organizational tools that help make you more productive. Create a list of tips that help you stay focused on tasks. What is one aspect of being productive with which you struggle?

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Many user including myself love OneNote. It’s quick and allows to store valuable but unstructured data very well. I wanted to change the storage location of my OneNote notebook from my personal OneDrive to OneDrive For Business. See the How-To here! You get Microsoft OneNote for free at By default OneNote is persisting notebooks in the personal OneDrive cloud storage and syncs changes between the local client (if installed) and the cloud. That’s ok for most scenarios and very convenient.

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At the start of the school year, our special education team established the goal to deepen the purposeful use of technology to support struggling students, especially for those with special education needs and disabilities. This goal was based on the belief that all students should have an opportunity to be a part of an inclusive learning environment, where diversity is embraced, celebrated and valued by all members of the school community.

OneNote in One Minute – Tips & Tricks

I love Microsoft OneNote! It really is the best tool for anyone but the education tools, such as class notebook, make it an absolute must for teachers. Read about my ‘love affair’ with OneNote blog.
I’m creating some OneNote tips, including the OneNote in One Minute video series on YouTube. Have a look, if you would like me to help with something specific then please get in touch on the form at the bottom of the page. If you are completely new to OneNote then have a look at my OneNote – The Basics page.

6 Reasons Why OneDrive is so Awesome!

As part of my school IT environment we are moving all teachers to OneDrive so I made this little video to help my staff learn a little more about what it can...

Teach Math Online with OneNote & Skype (& Teams) (part 2)

he first part of the story is here: Part 1 ( .

The course I'm teaching runs every day in August, and Sept 1st. The students return to school after Labour Day and then write their exam at the end of the week (we wanted to make sure we had a properly invigilated exam). I started the course on August 1st in Biloxi, MS, on my way back from Twitter Math Camp in Atlanta -- yes, a bit circuitous because I was on the motorcycle enjoying my holiday (Mississippi was the last of the lower 48 I had yet to visit and I was on my way to riding the Natchez Trace). I mention this because I wanted to make sure folks know I started teaching this course under some technical constraints. It will be easy to look at what I normally have (below) and say "I can't do that/I don't have that" but it's clear you can do it with much less.