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Top 5 Must Have Painting Tools -The Necessary Tools the Budding Artist!

Think you're gonna be the next Solias Mendis or George Keyt in Sri Lanka? Art requires the right tools as well as the skills, so here's what you need to gear up with to create your masterpiece.


Quality Drawing Pencils

The most obvious essential. Quality drawing pencils are the number one requirement you need when it comes to picking out your art supplies. Everyone will recommend this and that brand but you need to find a brand that you connect with- that's very important. There's no way to know which is your favorite until you try out a few. You can also buy some pencil sets which are great as they often feature the full range of different graphite grades. Several sets include pencils with softer graphite (6B) leading up to harder graphite (9H). Harder graphite keeps a sharp tip longer and makes lighter marks. Meanwhile, softer graphite needs constant sharpening and makes a darker mark. Pencil sets give you the chance to work with many different varieties and values of mark.
If you think you don't need to buy an entire set of pencils, that's not a big deal too. You might find later on that only need to use a few of the pencils such as 2H, HB, 2B, and 4B pencils which provide plenty of range for most artists.


A Sketchbook

Before your art makes its way to the Sri Lankan Art Gallery, it must first have humble beginnings in your sketchbook. This is one of the most important and intimate things an artist can have. Your sketchbook provides the space for your imagination to run free- there's nothing so exciting and thrilling for an artist than a blank sketchbook! Of course, any sketchbook that's of any value is one that actively gets drawn in on a daily basis, so you need to invest in a good quality product that can withstand the time and plenty of use. Some of the qualities that you need to look out for is that the pages can't be falling off and the paper need to have good absorbance.


Quality Drawing Surfaces

The quality of that surface is just as important as the medium that's used upon it. Therefore, you need to consider some of the below.
I. The "Tooth" – This is the texture of the paper. The Tooth plays a role in how the drawing material is accepted or absorbed on the surface. Smoother textures produce gradations of value and smoother lines while heavier textures produce lines that may appear "broken".
II. Paper Weight – The weight of the paper refers to how much a ream (500 sheets) of that paper weighs.
III. Acid Free –The type of paper that is "acid free", will stand "the test of time". It does not yellow over time and is much more resistant to fading when exposed to UV light. 4. Variety of Erasers



Everyone makes mistakes, especially artists which is why you must have a really good quality eraser with you. However, the benefit of an eraser goes beyond just getting rid of mistakes, you can also use it as mark-making tool! Each and every eraser creates a different sort of mark which can be used as necessary according to the specific drawing medium. Some of the types of erasers you can use are rubber, kneaded, gum and vinyl or plastic erasers.


A Good Pencil Sharpener

Where there's a pencil, there must be a pencil sharpener, and you need to use one of good quality one too, because if you use one of bad quality your pencils-which usually cost a bit of money-can turn into poor quality. Depending on your need, you can choose to have an old fashioned manual sharpener or a modern, electric sharpener. The former is a cheap option while the latter is more pricey but gets the job done in half the time and will sharpen your pencil without eating it all up!

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