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Things to Remember Before a Golfing Session -How To Tee Off In Style

Golfing has become one of the hottest sports for both the young and the old. So, if you're thinking about going for a golfing session here are a few things to keep in mind.


It's not just about winning

It's not just about winning

Golfing isn't just about scoring, it's about having a good time with your buddies and relieving stress through an active yet not too strenuous workout. Therefore, don't "expect" to play well. A good game of golf is about accepting the possibilities and not expecting the final outcome. Big expectations of winning create too much pressure and that's definitely something you could do without cause then you can't focus on the game and having a chilled-out time. Typically, chasing a score, has the total opposite effect. Concentrating on your score means you are focusing on indecision, which will set you up for a tough ride. You need to concentrate on those factors which you have complete control over and that is hitting good golf shots!
So, concentrate on "the process", instead of getting distracted around them (scoring, other players' scores, what might happen...etc.)


Visualize Success

Instead of thinking about your score and setting that as a target, imagine the success of birdie-ing every hole before you go for your golfing session. The concept here is to fixing those positive images in your subconscious mind which will result in giving a better chance of making the imagination becoming a reality when you're out on the course.


Make Your Pre-Round Warm-Up for Golf Repetitive

Before you start your session, observe the tour pros and how they do their pre-round warm-up routines. The concept here is that you feel like you've done everything you can to prepare for a great round when you get to the first tee. If your warm-up time is 45 mins, split it up beforehand, so you know exactly when you should be going on to the next part. Another benefit of this is that you make time before any round and feel the same, so if it's a huge tournament, it will feel just like any other round with your mates thereby lowering your nerves.


Don't Judge Your Pre-Round Warm-Up

Another important thing to remember is that the way you perform during your warm-up session is no indication of your actual play on the course! So, just because you suck at warm up doesn't mean that you suck at playing golf! Don't be so judgmental towards all your shots, because that's what you'll be doing on the course. Definitely do not give yourself a lesson. Trust is one of the important thoughts of the day. Imagine playing a few holes, changing clubs from long to short. Just as you hit one good quality shot with one club, return it to the bag and try the next one. This means the last shot with each club is a good one!


Eat and Drink Right

They say you are what you eat, and if you want to be a good golfer you need to eat good food. Before you head out to your pre-round training fuel up your body with a healthy and hearty meal for a good performance. Some of the hotels around Hunter Valley golf courses the likes of Oaks [Cypress Lakes Resort] offer breakfast as well as bed, so tourists who are golf enthusiasts can fuel up with a good brekkie before their golf session. And make sure drink plenty of water – it's a proven fact that being dehydrated lowers your performance.

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