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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 Local Food Dishes to Try Out in Bentota – Delectable Delights

The south coast town of Bentota in Sri Lanka may be known for offering a thrilling array of water sports but it also serves up some truly wonderful local cuisine well worth trying for foodies.


Fish or Prawn Curries

Since Bentota is a coastal town as you can expect there are plenty of yummy seafood based dishes to try. Curries made either with fish or prawns are readily available at Bentota restaurants and are quite popular especially in such seaside towns letting foodies experience how Sri Lankan spices bring out and enhance the flavours. Apart from curries, there are also other variations of these dishes one can look forward to trying. A "devilled" fish or prawn dish is typically much spicier and has been well fried in oil and vegetables, while those looking for something milder can try batter fried dishes.


Crab Curry

Another seafood sensation well worth trying when in Bentota is crab curry. Freshly caught sea crabs are made to create a truly aromatic and spice filled dish that is a favourite amongst local seafood lovers. The curry version features thick spicy gravy which goes perfectly with rice. Of course, eating crabs can be a messy affair, but don't be afraid to take a "hands on" approach (literally!) and fully enjoy this dish that could be one of your foodie highlights in Sri Lanka.



Some equal hoppers to a kind of pancake but it is quite different as well. While the batter is quite similar to that of pancakes, when made, hoppers are shaped into something like a bowl with very thin and crispy sides and a soft middle. Look to sample this unique Sri Lankan culinary creation when staying at local resorts the likes of AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa. Locally referred to as "appa", hoppers have different versions as well; apart from the plain hopper, you get the egg hopper which incorporates a fried egg in the middle, while there is a sweet version called milk hoppers one can try too.


Kottu Roti

A quintessential Sri Lanka street food that can be tried when in Bentota, kottu roti or "kottu" for short should be a must try dish when visiting the island. It is common to find roadside restaurants and eateries preparing this dish which involves chopping godhamba roti into thin slices before stir frying them with vegetables, eggs and depending on your preference, meat or seafood. This dish is typically eaten for dinner, while a popular version is what is known as cheese kottu which adds a wonderful cheesy taste.


Curd & Treacle

A very popular local dessert, curd is a perfect dish to end your meal. This milk based creation is much like yoghurt but is a bit sour as well. Fresh curd has a wholesome taste indeed though most times it is not eaten by itself. Made from the sap of the kithul tree, kithul treacle is a kind of syrup that is used as a topping and provides that wonderful sweet flavour to balance out the sourness of curd.