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05 Fun Activities to do Around Seychelles Beaches – Explore the Great Outdoors

Sticking to the gorgeous beaches, dining and wining at the sunny bars seem to be all you need in Seychelles. But here's a secret, there's lots more action outside of this comfort zone, do read on.


Diving in Seychelles is Awesome

If you thought that lazing on the picture perfect beaches of Seychelles were awesome, diving will turn out to be spectacular. The beautiful reefs that surround most of the islands are home to 100 varieties of gorgeous coral and more than 300 species of fish. Visibility is excellent to up to 30 metres and water temperatures are comfortable 28C degrees. Plenty of dive schools on the main islands give novice divers a chance to explore the wonderful depths of the Indian Ocean, and like AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa there are those hotels that offer expeditions to the marine park on Mahe, with a barbeque on the beach ending your fabulous tour.


Fishing in Seychelles in Unbelievably Rewarding

Fly and big game fishing is quite a rage in the country. The edge of the Seychelles bank is tipped to be the best spot for big game fishing as the ocean floor plunges to depths of 1,800 metres. Although the nearest islands to this spot are Denis and Bird you can charter a tour from a Mahe hotel. Look forward to snagging dog toothed tuna, huge sail fish, giant marlin and shark. November to April is the best season for big game fishing.


Golf in Paradise is a Treat

The Seychelles Golf Club located on Mahe as well as the Lemuria course on Praslin are within easy reach of any top resort in Seychelles. The Mahe golf club was set up over 30 years ago in a former coconut plantation and the green offers golfers a choice of 9 scenic holes to enjoy. Lemuria an 18 hole championship course is a thrill and can be easily accessed even if you are based at a Mahe beach resort.


Hiking is a Thrill in Seychelles

Hiking is a treat to savour in Seychelles with excellent tracks on offer in Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. One of the best is the three hour trail that runs between Anse a la Mouche and Anse Royale in Mahe. Crossing the southern hills of the island this course winds through a beautiful palm filled valley. Your best option would be the guided tours that come with expert chaperones who point out the many varieties of flora and fauna spotted on these invigorating trails.


Snorkelling in Seychelles is Easy and Exciting

If scuba diving seems too tedious a task, stick to the simple pleasures of snorkelling around Mahe or any other island. Besides, you only require mask, flippers and t-shirt, for protection from the sun and all you need do is swim out to the nearest reef from the beach of your Seychelles resort. Anse Royale on Mahe, for example, is extremely safe as it is surrounded by a reef that keeps out big fish and loads of little fish within. A snorkelling tour will even have you swimming beside a turtle! A marvellous adventure, which one must try in Seychelles.