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David H. Johnson, Attorney at Law

The Fort Collins DUI Criminal Defense lawyer David H Johnson represents clients in all matters of sex assault, drug possession, assault, domestic violence, minor in possession, driving under revocation, driving under the influence, theft, embezzlement, probation violations and fraud.


Tips to Choose a Local Criminal Defense Attorney

Tips to Choose a Local Criminal Defense Attorney

When it comes to choosing the right criminal defense attorney it’s important to make sure they have experience working with cases like yours. The inforgraphic named as "Tips to Choose a Local Criminal Defense Attorney" gives a fair tips about how to choose local criminal defense attorney with ease.

Know Rights of Colorado Drivers During DUI Traffic Stops

Need to understand the rights of Colorado drivers during DUI traffic stops pulled over for suspected DUI are often asked to perform voluntary tests.

Why You Should Hire an Attorney for Any DWAI Cases

One of the first things that you need to do if you are charged with a DUI is figured out who are you are going to have represented you. You can hire a Colorado DWAI lawyer who will be able to take care of everything, but you need to know why you are doing this.

What Questions You Need to Ask Your Domestic Violence Attorney

If the prosecutors of the state have brought a case against you, then you would need to hire the top Colorado domestic violence lawyers to help you with your case. However, when you are hiring someone you need to be asking some questions to figure out if they are the best fit for you and your needs.

Criminal offenses continue to be a major situation across the situation. With rising number of crimes, it is only becoming a new common for police to press charges for no reason at all. Even smaller cases that otherwise were ignored are handed with more seriousness nowadays.

Why It’s Important to Know about Common DUI Rules & Facts

Driving under influence of alcohol is one of the most common offenses in the United States. But what makes a situation more or less serious is how you handle the situation if a cop pulls you over. At times you may not be really drunk or may have had a sole glass of wine. It wouldn’t really matter to the cop who could still frame the charges against you.

Why You Might Need a Lawyer for a Car Accident

If you get into an accident while you are driving or riding in a vehicle, then you might need the services of the top Fort Collins car accident lawyer after everything is done. Not only will they be able to help you with the claims that you have to make with your insurance company, but they can also give you advice.


Fort Collins DUI Facts

Fort Collins DUI Facts

If you ever come face-to-face with a law enforcement officer accusing you of drunk driving, you’ll need to know a few facts to help navigate the encounter which are elaborated in following Infographic Fort Collins DUI Facts

Seeking Assistance of a Criminal Defense Attorney: What You Must Know

As a civilian, you will never like to be on the wrong side of the law. Yet, situations can push you into deep waters, sometimes to the point from where you just cannot return. But until then, there are ways by which you can get a respite from the law, and can get back to your normal life after a while.

How Good Legal Counsel Can Assist You with Misdemeanors

Crime rate all around us seems to have gone up somehow. This could be because of the political scenario, or something related the changing lifestyles. No one can never tell that clearly. As a student, you have a lot of things to worry about, which could easily throw you off the right path.

Choosing a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer: Here’s What You Need to Do

Services of a criminal defense lawyer in Colorado don't come cheap. If you want a really good lawyer, you must be ready to shell out big bucks. If you can't do that you have to go with someone with less experience and untested ability.

How to Find the Best DUI Lawyer in Fort Collins?

Imagine yourself driving down a freeway after a night of adequate drinking, only to be pulled over by cops. Within minutes you are check via a breath analyzer and deemed guilty of driving under the influence.

How to Find a Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Collins?

Luck is sometimes a cruel friend. We have seen in movies, circumstances where an individual is falsely accused in a criminal case or finds circumstantial evidence against him/her. The authorities are bound to be aggressive and intimidating, following only their instincts and the proof thereof.

How to find the best Domestic Violence Lawyers in Colorado?

Domestic violence also referred to as domestic abuse or family violence is the violence or any other kind of abuse in a domestic setting by a person against another. Domestic violence does not involve physical assault alone.

How to find a Drug Offenses Attorney in Fort Collins?

Drug offenses refer to any kind of crime related to the illegal possession of one or more illegal drugs, either for distribution, sale or personal use. These illegal drugs fall into various categories and sentences for the offense may vary depending on the type of drug, amount of it in possession, your jurisdiction, and other circumstances.

How to find the best Theft Lawyers in Fort Collins?

Theft is among one of the frequent most occurring crimes in Fort Collins. Theft refers to a broad category of crimes that may include several other specific crimes. Upon conviction, the penalties of theft, however small in nature, can be quite serious.

Questions to Ask Before Pointing Criminal Defense Attorney for Your Case

The info-graphic “Criminal Defense Attorney Fort Collins FAQs”, provides the complete info about the questions you must ask before pointing Criminal Defense Lawyer Colorado.

Qualities that Make Your Car Accident Lawyer the Ideal Candidate to Represent You?

Its a well known saying that Speed always thrills, but can also kill. While driving on the road, car accident can happen at anytime. Here you can learn about the qualities required in a Car Accident lawyer befor hiring in the local area Fort Collins

Factors Affecting the Cost of Hiring Criminal Defense Attorney

The info-graphic titled as Criminal Defense Attorney Fort Collins FAQ��, describes various factors that may affect the cost of hiring Criminal Defense Lawyer in Colorado.

Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Criminal Defense Attorney

The info-graphic titled as “Criminal Defense Attorney Fort Collins FAQs”, describes different types of important questions you must ask before hiring Criminal Defense Lawyer Colorado.

Do You Really Need a DUI Lawyer: Some Considerations for You

Driving under the influence is a punishable offense. It’s right there in the rulebook, so you should ideally know about it. However, at times you may be forced to let go of your knowledge of the rulebook and do what you think may be the right thing to do.

What makes Your Car Accident Lawyer the Ideal Candidate to Represent You?

Speed always thrills, but can also kill. While on the road, you should always have your focus on the road. You also have to make sure that you comply with the traffic laws, as and when it’s needed. You must not over speed, should not drive under influence, and must never lose your calm while you are on the road.

Fort Collins Criminal Defense Attorney David Johnson

A conviction, even on misdemeanor charges, carries an enduring stain. You need a Colorado criminal defense attorney who will aggressively assert your rights in court, and use all available strategic legal tools to bring you the right result.

DUI/DWAI Lawyer Colorado, Fort Collins

If you are charged with a DUI or DWAI and you need assistance in understanding your legal options with a Fort Collins DUI lawyer please schedule an appointment at Fort Collins office by calling 970-829-1221.

Criminal Mischief Lawyer/Attorney‎ Colorado

Are you looking for Criminal Mischief Lawyer? Visit our Fort Collins, Colorado, law office to discuss your criminal defense needs. Call 970-829-1221 now to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION with a Larimer County Trespassing Lawyer.