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05 Top Places to Visit in Trincomalee - A Land that Reflects Glories of Ages Past

A city steeped in rich heritage, the tales of Trincomalee dates far back to over two thousand years. With much to do and explore, here are some iconic sites that should be visited in the area.


The Trincomalee Bay

Taking its place on the world map since 400 BCE the Trincomalee harbour was renowned as a vital trading hub even back during the colonial era. It is stated that the British colonies recognized this bay as 'the most valuable colonial possession on the globe' as it not only did prove to be a strategic port for the happenings of the East India Company but also was able to provide security that the British hadn't experienced elsewhere. To this very day, the importance of the bay of Trincomalee remains unfaded. The magnitude of the vastness of this bay or how others saw this as a valuable possession, however, cannot be comprehended unless one witness it firsthand. Encircled by a ring of highlands, this natural harbour has the capacity to shelter a large number of ships and boats. Viewing the bay at an elevation, one would even think that it's unreal for such a small island to sport a bay of this degree.


Koneswaram Temple

Known as the Rome of the Pagans of the Orient according to the historical records, it's no surprise that the region of Trincomalee hosts a number of religious sites of interests. One such attraction, the Koneswaram Temple, has played a vital role in shaping the history and heritage of Sri Lanka. This classical medieval collective of shrines, that pays homage to a number of Hindu deities including Lord Shiva, ties itself to some significant legends and folklores including the Ramayana. Seated atop a rocky outcrop overlooking the cerulean expanse of the Indian Ocean, the Koneswaram Temple reflects creative artistry and architecture of its era.


The Lover's Leap

Bespeaking on indescribable beauty, the Lover's Leap is truly a spectacular sight to behold. Located at an altitude of 350 feet, on the Swarmy Rock, this attraction lies in close proximity to the Koneswaram Temple. There are two stories that are tied to this location and how it earned its name. Both these tales are of similar nature. According to the legends one Francina van Reed, engaged to a Dutch officer, stood at this cliff watching her lover sail away after breaking off his engagement. Unable to contain her grief she took a leap off this rock to end her agony. The other, another tale of star-crossed lovers that couldn't find their happily ever after is the tale of the British lady, Marina. She too following the breaking of engagement from the British Captain she was engaged to, took a plunge from the Lover's Leap after watching him leave the island on a ship from the Trincomalee Bay. However, these tragic tales don't minimize sheer beauty of the mesmerizing the views that grace the Lover's Leap.


Marble Beach

Another allure of the city of Trincomalee is the truly spectacular beaches that its boasts of. One such attraction, the Marble beach is a fantastic haunt with a stretch of beach that extends for miles. Relatively uninhabited, here's a location where one can revel in the striking tropical landscape of Trincomalee. With a host of holiday resorts available here, one can stay at a Trincomalee hotel whilst exploring the stunning beaches of Trincomalee. These hotels such as the Trinco Blu by Cinnamon even offers transportation services for their guests to explore the surrounding while in the area. Promising fun filled times at the beach where one can watch the sun rising from the horizon, the Marble beach is something that would be a shame to miss out on.


Hoods Tower Museum

Standing as a testimony to the maritime feats of Sri Lanka, especially of the East Coast, the Hoods Tower Museum is definitely a worthy visit to explore when in Trincomalee. From its location where it reaches to the heavens on a higher plane overlooking the bay of Trincomalee, to the artefacts it sports from those during the naval period of the colonial era to those of the 30 year civil war, this is an ideal location to discover the naval power of Sri Lanka since is colonial times.