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Top Landmarks in Wan Chai - Wan Chai's Must See Attractions

Once a party district, Wan Chai has much more to offer including historical sites, religious temples and serene parks. Once you are in a hotel in Wan Chai, there would be no shortage of things to do.


The Hong Kong Arts Centre and Comix Homebase

Fans of arts and culture will want to drop the Hong Kong Arts Centre which has firmly established itself as the city's creative hub. With close to 130,000 square feet, it offers classrooms to nurture artists and stunning galleries and performance venues to display the work of Hong Kong's artists and performers. The building also houses one of Hong Kong's largest arts education institutes which offers short courses and award bearing programmes. When planning your trip, it is best to peruse their website to find the latest exhibits and performances at the Arts Centre before you drop by. The Arts Centre has also partnered with the Urban Renewal Authority to create Comix Homebase, an initiative to promote and preserve local comics and animation. Due to its close proximity to the Arts Centre, comics and animation fans can drop by at Comix Homebase as part of their visit.


The Blue House

The Blue House cannot be missed by any architecture enthusiast. This striking blue structure is, in fact, a string of tenement blocks which have been granted heritage status and is a rare example of pre-war architecture. According to stories, there was no decision taken to paint the tenements blue, the painters had simply run out of other colours of paint! The tenements still serve as functioning apartments and also hosts several shops. Those interested in life during the pre-war period can also visit the Hong Kong House of Stories but please note that until September 2017, it has been temporarily relocated due to renovations.


Tamar Park

Wan Chai boasts of a 180,000 square metre park offering a great place to stop and take a break from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. The park is where Wan Chai's residents come to relax, have picnics and play football. The park also offers visitors stunning views of Victoria Harbour and a 240 seat amphitheatre where performances take place. It also offers landscaped gardens and pleasant water features.


Pak Tai Temple

The Pak Tai Temple venerates the Taoist deity, Pak Tai, the god of the sea and Supreme Emperor of the Northern Heaven. The temple was erected over 150 years ago and houses a 200 year old, three metre tall Pak Tai statue made of copper. Those interested in culture would be thrilled to find fine examples of Chinese murals in the halls of the temple portraying snapshots of ancient life including Cantonese operas. Fans of classical Chinese architecture will also enjoy the beautifully crafted dragons adorning the roof. If you find yourself in a hotel close to the Pak Tai Temple such as the Dorsett Wanchai Hong Kong during the third Lunar month, you will have the wonderful opportunity to witness the Pak Tai Festival which is accompanied by theatrical performances honouring the god.


Golden Bauhinia Square

No list of Wan Chai's landmarks would be complete without mentioning Golden Bauhinia Square. The area is of immense historic importance as it was here that the Governor Chris Patten and Prince Charles handed Hong Kong back to President Jiang Zemin. To commemorate the event, a giant gold Bauhinia statue stands in the middle of the square and it is definitely worth a visit!