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Maldives' Top Five Attractions -The Best of the Best

Maldives is one beautiful nation so it's really hard to pick the top five attractions cause there are so many. But pick we did, and here you will discover what they are.


Manta Point

With such amazing, crystal clear waters surrounding the paradise archipelago nation, it's not a surprise that the Number 1 amongst this list of attractions and things to do in Maldives is one that can be found underwater. The Manta Point is one of the most popular of diving sites in Maldives and is located North of Hulhumale. So why is it so popular? Because it is where large flocks of manta rays gather to get "cleaned".
Confused? Let us explain. Manta Rays are gigantic and graceful marine creatures that weigh up to 5,000 pounds with a wingspan of 25 feet. Just like us human, Manta Rays also like to be clean, but instead of the dirt and dust that require us to clean ourselves, Manta Rays need to be cleaned of parasites that live on them. How do they do that? It's all thanks to the tiny wrasse fish who feed on these specific parasites. The rays sort of gather around the Manta Point while the wrasse cleans up all the paradise- everyone is happy at the end of the day!


HP Reef

This beautiful reef is also referred to as the Rainbow Reef due to wide range of colorful corals and marine life that is found here. This awesome dive site can at time feature strong currents therefore you need to employ surface buoys or balloons. An year round diving destination, the HP Reef is home to a variety of reef fish such as dog tooth tuna, Manta Rays, stunning nudibranches and other marine life. The reef also features some pretty dramatic caves, coral blocks, overhangs and dives that can go up to 10 to 40 m deep.


Banana Reef

This gorgeous reef gets its name from the fact that its shaped like a banana when seen from above. It has some of the most stunning cave formations and cliffs as well as coral growths. A popular diving spot, the Banana Reef provides sanctuary for a number of fascinating fish species such as Maldivian grubfish, soldier fish and squirrelfish to name a few. The dive here varies in depth from 5 to 30 m, featuring some overhangs and a pinnacle. Situated Northeast of Bileiydhoo, the Banana Reef is one of the oldest dive sites in the country.


Hukuru Miskiy

Finally, an attraction above the waters! If you book a Malé city tour with a resort like Adaaran Select Meedhupparu, it will undoubtedly include a visit to Hukuru Miskiiy or the Old Friday Mosque as its considered to be somewhat of a national treasure. Built during 1956, the mosque walls feature elaborate carvings on coral stone. Some of these carvings are of Arabic scripture. Hukuru Miskiiy is also a listed cultural UNESCO World Heritage site.
Maldives National Museum

Situated by the Sultan Park, also within Malé, the Maldives National Museum is a wonderful place to visit if you would like to find out about the past glories of the nation. The museum displays a wide number of curiosities that range from costumes and ornaments worn by ancient kings and queens to weapons, paper and cloth manuscripts, anthropological objects and photographs of important personalities.

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