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Top 05 things to do Around Negombo – When You are Not Soaking Up the Sun

Stretched along Sri Lanka's west coast, Negombo beach resort is closest to the international airport. A haven of sun sand and surf plus vintage colonial splendours; here are things to do in Negombo.


Laze About on the Beach

Of course hitting the beach is the first thing travellers to Negombo do, long sandy stretches that are accessed by turning down verdant little country lanes, the beaches are lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Like most beach resorts Sri Lanka is home to, the Negombo hotels too compete for a spot on the beach. And indeed many like Anantaya Resort & Spa Chilaw Sri Lanka enjoy this privilege. Waking up to the sound of the surf and simply slipping out of your room for a swim or walk along the seashore are some of the perks that Negombo hotels offer.


Explore the Main Negombo Fish Market

Mind you, a visit to the Negombo fish market is not a glamorous affair, but if you are hungry for a dose of local flavour and true fishy trading vibes do head over to this rather smelly side of town. The best time to visit is in the early hours of the morning; then you can witness the fresh catch being brought in and auctioned off and later sold to eager housewives, hotel staff and even tourists hankering for a taste of ocean fresh prawns, crabs and other delights of the sea. A marvellous experience that is very local, a visit to the vibrant fish market will not disappoint.


Take on an Oruva Ride

An Oruva is a traditional outrigger canoe that Negombo fishermen use for their daily fishing tours. The boats are long and narrow with just enough space for one's legs. The canoes are beautiful sights on the ocean as they bob about rising and falling with the waves. An awesome sight to observe these sleek vessels can be seen beached along the sandy shores, and if you wish there are local fishermen eager to take adventurous tourists out to sea. Book these via your hotel contacts as it is the safest means, and enjoy that rush of adrenaline as your craft skims over and through the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean.


Check Out Some Colonial Relics

Hamilton Canal is a fine example of Dutch engineering genius. Negombo like no other place in the country was inundated with a bevy of canal networks that ran to the north and south of the country stretching a distance of over a 100kms. Hamilton Canal winds its way along inner villages of Negombo and you can enjoy either a boat ride along its waters or cycle along the banks. Bicycles are available for hire at many Negombo resorts; these tours reward one with sights of charming villages and smiling locals.


Visit the Dutch Fort

Close to the huge Negombo Lagoon along the shores of the sea are the vestiges of the Old Dutch Fort. The vintage gateway has an inscription that dates the place as 1678. The place is now home to the Negombo prison and no tourist has been that ambitious to get a view of the interiors. However, the area is a pleasant district to explore, the nearby 'Esplanade' grounds being a hot spot for cricket matches.

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