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Posh Floors Ltd

Posh Floors Ltd. Provides floor restoration and maintenance services for all type of natural and man made surfaces. We have expertise in cleaning & restoration of Marble, Granite, Travertine,Terrazzo and Limestone floors.

Restoration and Cleaning Services for Marble, Granite, Limestone in UK

Posh floors Ltd is one of the premier floor restoration and maintenance companies that render its restoration, cleaning and polishing services for all the types of natural and man made stone surfaces.

Marble Floor Cleaning & Restoration Services in UK

We are specialist in Restoration, Maintenance and Cleaning Services for Marble, Granite, Limestone and all Natural Stone Surfaces. Call us on 0845 652 4111 to get a free quote on marble cleaning & restoration and see how we can bring back the shine of your marble flooring.

Granite Cleaning & Restoration Services In UK

Posh floors Ltd uses the most modern equipment that can restore years of wear and tears on your Granite; and is able to bring back to life even the most tired and damage Granite surfaces. Call us now on 0845 652 4111 for Granite cleaning and restoration.

Limestone Restoration, Cleaning and Polishing in UK

We offer the right solution to protect your Limestone by using highly penetrating impregnators for lime stone cleaning which penetrates the surface of the stone but retains the natural colours of the stone. Call us today on 0845 652 4111 to get a free quote; a Posh Floors trained professional will contact you to discuss your limestone restoration and care requirements.

Posh floors Ltd - Graffiti Removal Company in UK

Graffiti can be difficult to remove, depending on the surface it is on. Thus requiring specialized cleaning agents and a working knowledge of how chemicals interact with various surfaces.Poshfloors only uses biodegradable chemicals to remove graffiti.

Maintaining and Cleaning Granite Floor Tiles

Cleaning tiles to make them look pretty in order to maintain the beauty of your homes can be a difficult task at times. It is practically for this reason that granite floor tiles, happen to be the best choice in comparison to any other types of floor tiles

5 Ways to Clean Marble Tile Flooring

There are a number of places around a house where you can install all kinds of marble floors. Of late, travertine stone flooring has become quite popular than the rest. It can look very attractive any given day, and can be as hard and sturdy as a rock. However, you have to clean it up regularly if you want it to retain its qualities forever.

Graffiti Removal Tips

It is really not easy to keep a tab on the graffiti menace. You may not be able to find out how and when someone made a graffiti outside your property, defacing it and making it look really embarrassing. You may want to avoid it from ever happening, but what can you possibly do to clean it up once you find it there on your exterior walls.

Remove graffiti art from the walls with the help of best Graffiti removal agency

Graffiti works are generally used for promotions or to present arts. However, sometimes they could ruin the beauty of your walls. Hence, it often becomes necessary to remove graffiti works, scratches, marks, etc. from the walls. Now, you must have a good concept about wall paints, chemicals reacting with the walls, the markers used to draw the graffiti on the walls, etc.

Restore Your Terrazzo Floor with Terrazzo Restoration and Cleaning Services

Terrazzo is one of the most popular flooring materials used in recent days. While the trend for using terrazzo floors has reduced with time, in the recent time it is making a major come back. So, why are the terrazzo floors so popular?

Travertine cleaning and restoration services

Travertine is one of the most popular choices when it comes to flooring materials. From the bathroom to kitchen, and from the bedroom to the dining room, travertine floors are used widely all over the world. It is a type of natural limestone formed of mineral deposits and exhibits colors such as brown, rust, tans, beige hues, etc.

Marble floor cleaning and restoration services

Marble is widely used as a flooring material. The marble floors are mainly used to build luxurious houses. However, in recent times, they are used almost everywhere. The marble floors are beautiful, elegant, stylish, and has a very attractive appearance.

One of the things that you need to do regularly to keep it shining is marble floor cleaning. However, if you don’t know what you should be doing, then it might seem like a tough job.

Simple Tips for Cleaning Your Travertine Floor

It isn’t hard to take care of the travertine cleaning since it is a natural stone, but how do you do it? You need to ensure that you can understand the materials characteristics so that you can keep them shining for years.

If you have some accumulation of dirt or the surface of your tiles has become weathered or dull, then you might need marble floor restoration to be done. Even the regular maintenance that you do at home won’t keep the surface shiny like it should be, but instead, you should call in the experts to help.

Cleaning Granite Floor Tiles at Best Prices

Looking for cleaning granite floors if you need to clean maintain your granite floors and tiles at best prices. Cleaning tiles to make them look pretty in order to maintain the beauty of your homes can be a difficult task at times.

Why Marble floor should be cleaned in a professional way?

Marble tiles are shiny and durable which provides a very long lasting alternative to wood, ceramic or carpeted floors. It is visualized as an impressive material used for the home interiors. It boosts the value and the appearance of the floor of your house.

What is exactly restoration of marble?

Marble restoration can be explained as the art of restoring the dull, worn and the scratched tiles to their original condition. Marble, being expensive and luxurious nature, restoration should be always from a professional and knowledgeable professional.

How To Reduce The Chances Of Graffiti Painting?

Complete prohibition of acts of graffiti is not possible but there are several methods by which your property can become a little less appealing to the eyes of the graffiti painters.