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Natural Points of Interest in Maldives- Swimming with the fishes in the ultimate location

There's nothing better than exploring the flora and fauna of this incredible little island. In case you were looking for a guide, here are a few secrets hidden beneath the ocean and above it.


Manta Point

The island hosts a real party under the sea for snorkelling and scuba diving. Maldives offers an unforgettable experience when you make the plunge into the deep blue in your diving gear. Meet a great number of the most magnificent underwater species which weigh as much as five thousand pounds. Manta Point is home to many of these beautiful aquatic creatures with a wingspan of 25 feet and is the perfect place for some intense exploring. Feel free to bring along an underwater camera to take some gorgeous snaps of the great whites you might meet down in the ocean waters.



Fishhead is a hill of coral beneath the sandy beach. This area is protected as a protocol of the Maldivian authorities. Alternatively known as Mushimasmingili Reef, Fishhead doesn't allow any activity such as shell-collecting or fishing. Divers will be pleased with the awesome location this reef has to offer. This is the ideal spot to make the dip, located in the North Ari Atoll. You can find various types of shark like the grey reefs and other aquatic creatures including the intimidating barracuda, adorable turtles and some pretty huge Napoleons. Once you've seen the underwater life, why not take a trip inside the exquisite caves and incredible rock formations that are found here.


Banana Reef

This is yet another spot for divers but unlike the others, this is one place that actually became internationally famous before the others came along. You may wonder about the significance of the name and amusingly, it is simply to do with the shape of the island itself. There are many kinds of colourful fish from swordfish to the grubfish known to swim in the glorious Maldivian waters, not forgetting the caves here which call to be explored with such an alluring urgency. Divers have a depth of between five and thirty meters to discover all the marine royalty and you will be delighted to note some of the cool features like the overhangs which are found here. Fortunately, hotels including Adaaran Prestige Vadoo offer some of the best scuba tours which guarantee a fantastic experience.


Artificial beach

Funnily enough, the capital city of Male is missing the signature golden sands that the island is known for but the islanders who live here don't miss out much. There's still a wonderful go-to if you ever need to get some peaceful sea breeze and that is at the artificial beach which is relatively new. Take a cool swim in the waters during the hot summer heat or else cool off when the sun goes down in the evenings with a nice quiet stroll on the beach. The artificial beach gets a lot of attention from loads of people with the many events that are hosted here from carnivals to music concerts.


HP Reef

This grand diving site calls to the most adventurous and high-spirited nature and underwater lovers. Commonly known as "rainbow reef" because of its vivid colours, HP Reef sees its fair share of powerful currents so you might need to equip yourself with buoys or surface balloons in case it gets a little too rough. It is all worth it in the end because of the amazing sights you can see here. See many different kinds of coral, not to mention the majestic family of sea creatures awaiting the first meeting below the surface. You'll meet manta rays, tunas and several types of reef fish if you dive up to 10 to 40 meters.