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Updated by EGPHIL Solar Solutions on Nov 09, 2017
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EGPHIL Blogs: What we offer.

The Basics of Daylighting Systems

Learn about innovations in daylighting, Solatube Daylighting Systems from the leading provider in Saudi Arabia to experience its benefits today!

What are the Components of a Photovoltaic System?

Learn more about the main components of a photovoltaic system and purchase from the best provider of commercial photovoltaic systems in Saudi Arabia!

3 Advantages of Going for Solar Lighting Systems

Perhaps one of the most effective, inexhaustible and renewable energy sources, solar energy is already used by many households and companies in different countries since it serves various purposes. A perfect example would be solar lighting or a lighting system that provides and stores its own energy from its own source. Although they are cheap…

How Different Weathers Affect Solar Panels

Unknown to many, modern solar panels are made to withstand any kind of weather as they can still function effectively even without the sun. For your peace of mind, here’s a rundown of how different weathers affect the state and function of solar panels. Clouds When it’s extremely cloudy, solar panels loses 30% of its…

What You Need to Know Before Going Solar

Solar power systems are of great interest and for many homes and businesses that need electricity and cooling in a copious level but without taking a toll on nature and electricity bills. Despite existing since the ‘50s, a lot of people who want to use these are still confused about inner workings and certain implications.…

3 Awesome Ways to Use Solar Power

EGPHIL is the leading provider of advanced solar and energy solutions in Saudi Arabia. Check out these awesome ways to use solar power!

Solar Water Heating Systems: The Thermosiphon Effect

  Heating water requires a huge amount of energy which is mostly generated from fossil fuels like gas and oil, making it an expensive energy cost. This is why the market for solar water heating systems has been continuously acknowledged in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region as an increasing number of consumers become more…

Small-Scale Solar PV Systems Regulations

The Saudi Arabia government released new regulations on small-scale Grid-Connected PV systems. Check out the general information you need to know through EGPHIL!

The Benefits of Renewable Energy Use

Whatever the means, renewable energy is truly a breakthrough in human innovations – may it be solar, wind, gas, hydroelectric, or biomass. It is different from the energy that uses fossil fuel since renewable energy uses generated power from sources that can’t be depleted. It’s also flexible and convenient, like the home solar water heater…

How LED Lights Affect Our Health

Widely used in homes and establishments, light emitting diode lights or LED lights are a fast rising innovation in the electrical light industry, seemingly replacing the traditional incandescent light bulbs and Compact Fluorescent Bulbs with the many remarkable advantages they bring. Besides the long function life and low usage of energy, LED lighting can also…

The Significance of Roof Ventilation

A well-functioning roof ventilation is significant in the overall convenience of your property; however, most people overlook how it can protect establishments from serious issues such as roof condensation, structural damages, and even poor health. To ensure energy efficiency, insulation, and cost-effectiveness of your place, one of the best providers of turbine ventilator in Saudi…

  • EGPHIL Solar Solutions is the leading provider of solar energy solutions in Saudi Arabia. Established in 2001, EGPHIL Solar Solutions is an experienced provider of energy efficiency and solar energy solutions in Saudi Arabia. The idea came from two engineers who aimed for a better future as they were enlightened by God’s words. This marked the beginning of the work to accomplish feasible solar solutions for customers.

    The company aims to provide and serve the Middle Eastern population with advanced solar and energy solutions that will not only benefit customers, but will also contribute to the environmental wellbeing. It offers a variety of services for different systems – from Consultation and Design, to Supply and Installation, to Operation and Inspection, as well as Support and Maintenance.

    EGPHIL Solar Solutions is composed of qualified and well-balanced groups of professionals who strictly follow quality management principles – from engineers, to sales personnel and to technicians. It is grateful to its expert engineers, who are behind the proficiency of the company, for continuously researching and keeping themselves up-to-date with products and strategies in the solar industry.

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