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5 Ways to Enjoy Your Stay in Tokyo -Do Something Fun, Do Something Out of the Ordinary!

The very sound of "Tokyo" brings flashing neon lights, crazy animé costumes and mega malls into one's mind. Here five ways in which you can have fun in the lively, never sleeping city of Tokyo.


Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Designed by Kenzo Tange, one of the most significant architects of the 20th century, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is a stunning structure that's used as Tokyo Metropolitan Government headquarters since 1991. During the time in which it was built, it was considered to be the highest building in all of Japan, before new skyscrapers came and stole its thunder. Still, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building is well worth a visit. The building reaches a total of 243m and you get the chance to enjoy panoramic views of the city from the observatories on the North and South wings from 202m up above. On a day with a bright, clear sky you might even be able to see Mount Fuji from here!


Shimbashi traditional izakaya-pub

Head over to Shimbashi to have a chilled out evening with your buddies. The Shimbashi town is home to many Izakaya, or traditional Japanese pubs, that originally catered to salaried workers looking to unwind after a hard day's work, However, today the popularity of Izakayas have extended towards the tourists as well who wish to sample some Saké washed down with a delicious range of Japanese food.



Shopping is an activity that many tourists classify as "fun", who doesn't love getting new clothes, shoes and whatnot? It's such a popular tourist activity that travel guides like Cinnamon Magazine give insights on all the best boutiques and markets to head over to for different needs. But when in Tokyo or Harajuku to be more precise, shopping is not just fun its exciting! Here in Harajuku you will find everything and anything related to Tokyo's vibrant pop culture. Some of the local shoppers and commuters here are dressed so extra that it looks like you their walking on a fashion show, but life is a runway after all right!
When you're done buying all the trendy clothes, shoes and accessories you need, you might want to refuel or re energies yourself with some tasty treats. Head over to Takeshita Street in Harajuku where you will find spectacular Japanese recreations of the humble French crêpe. The toppings on these fantastic crepes range from whipping cream, ice cream and fruits to more daring options such as mochi-style rice cake!



To make your memories of Tokyo last longer, head over to Puri-Kura which is an abbreviation of the Japanese meaning for Print Club. This is a small photo booth that not only produces your photos but photo stickers as well. The fun part of this is that you can modify your captured photo with some cool graffiti or messages. You can also get funny stickers of you and mates to paste on your room back home. It's not a huge attraction but it's the little things that are sometimes more fun right?


Snake café (Tokyo snake center)

Japan is country that's home to many themed cafés, mostly those centered around animals. There are cat cafés, puppy cafés, owl cafés and the most scariest of them all, the Snake Café! This is how it works, first you must pay an entrance fee which entitles you to one drink as well. Now this drink is kind of special. Why? Because the drink is accompanied by a glass case in which resides a snake! Yep, that's right there are 40 cases per person, and the snake inside is called an attendant as it will stay with you on your table throughout your stay at the café- quite the drinking partner wouldn't you say!
Now if you were expecting to get, up close and personal with the snakes and not just see them through a glass box, you need to pay about 540 Yen more. Then, you will be taken to a special seat where you'll get to touch the snakes from different cases. This whole "touching session" lasts for about 10 minutes.