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Headline for Under water activities to try in the Maldives - get up close to the beauty that lies below
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Under water activities to try in the Maldives - get up close to the beauty that lies below

Coral reefs, multi-coloured fish, turtles, sharks, manta rays, and more make up the underwater world of the Maldives. Here's some of the best ways to explore the Maldives under water.


Scuba diving

Maldives is a paradise for anyone who wants to try, or is experienced, in scuba diving. The deep blue seas hold countless treasure and a rich marine life - beneath the atolls is another world entirely, filled with vibrant colours, and vast formations of coral that stretch over great distances. Aside from the common reef dives and lagoons, another awesome experience is scuba diving among the many shipwrecks that have met their final resting in these waters. Several shipwrecks have amalgamated with the very reefs that sank them, creating new homes for marine creatures and various plant species. You can find different kinds of diving packages in Maldives, which depending on your level of expertise, can include lessons and even a diving certification. Night dives are also extremely popular as it provides divers the opportunity to experience a whole different side to the reefs,


Underwater walking

If scuba diving doesn't appeal to you, try out the underwater walking tours. Ideal for all ages, underwater walking allows you get up close to the rich marine life and corals, without the hassle of carrying diving gear on your back. All you have to do is wear a transparent oxygen mask which allows you to breathe clearly while you walk on the ocean floor, no swimming required; plus an instructor will be right next to you to guide you among the reefs and introduce you to all the tropical fish and vibrant corals.



The Maldives is one of the best snorkelling destinations in the world. The crystal clear turquoise waters are abundant with marine life and coral, perfect for snorkelling. There are over 70 species of colorful coral which make up the giant reefs that stretch out among the atolls, with over 700 varieties of fish, and other marine life living in these waters. For novice snorkellers, the best way to start is to stay at one of the Maldives island resorts which have its own house reef, much like Dhigali Maldives, for example. These house reefs are the edge of coral islands that are home to colourful tropical fish. Located not far from shore, they are perfect for beginner snorkellers and allow you to enjoy the beauty of the reefs.


Glass-bottom Boats

If you've got a big crowd or children too young for underwater diving, a glass bottom boat allows you to view the beauty underwater from the comfort of a boat. The bottom of these spacious boats are made of transparent glass, and once you head out into the lagoons or oceans, you're able to view the extensive coral formations, marine plants, and colourful marine creatures swimming right under you. Whilst on board, a knowledgeable member of the crew will fill you in on all the interesting things you're seeing, and help you spot all the hidden species that live on the reefs.


Submarine tours

A once in a lifetime experience, Maldives has the largest, passenger submarine ship in the world; journey on a 45-minute tour of Maldives, 400ft below the water, in air-conditioned comfort. Enjoy spectacular views of the reef and watch fish, turtles and other marine species in their natural habitat. The trip is entirely safe for children and absolutely amazing.