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Addison Auto Body & Glass Inc.

Addison Auto Body & Glass Inc. is your trusted service provider of excellent collision and auto body repair in Addison, IL. We provide full auto repair.

Call us at: 630-543-7972

For prompt auto repair in Elmhurst, IL, contact only Addison Auto Body & Glass Inc. we provide our clients with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Give us a call now for inquiries.

High-Quality Dent Repair and Glass Replacement in Addison IL

Our company offers top-notch paintless dent repair and glass replacement in Addison, IL and surrounding areas. Check out what difference Addison Auto Body can make!

Collision and Auto Body Repair in Villa Park, IL

Getting your car inspected, repaired, and restored is absolutely a must after a traffic or road collision. These kinds of accidents may cause damages that are not immediately noticeable, especially by a regular car owner. Any impact may cause unseen damages that an automotive expert can easily pinpoint. This is why it is important to entrust your car only to the hands of the best and most qualified auto body and collision repair technicians. If you hire the wrong people or pass up on your car’s ever needed auto repair in Villa Park, IL, there will be consequences.!

Collision and Auto Body Repair in Lombard, IL

Thorough preparation is vital for a smooth and hassle-free auto body repair in Lombard, IL. Your car is a huge investment and the maintenance that it requires is not cheap and easy. Thus, putting more effort into choosing the best auto body and collision repair shop will undoubtedly pay off.

When people invented automobiles, they were only thinking about building the machine that could take people from place to place with ease. However, they didn’t really take into account what would happen when those automobiles decided to suddenly stop working in the middle of nowhere, or if people who were driving them weren’t careful and they would get into all sorts of car accidents. Since humans are very creative and inventive beings, they found a way to remedy problems that arose from damaged cars which then begs the question: how did they do it? How did they turn the most basic towing methods into a booming business for a towing company in Addison, IL today? You can read more about the article in here: How Did People Come Up with Towing and Tow Trucks?

Addison Auto Body & Glass Inc., the Ideal choice For Car Care

Having a car is a tedious task to maintain. Ask every car owner in Illinois and they will tell you that it becomes a part of their lives, it would need a lot of care and attention as it becomes an obligation. But even the most careful of owners would have met with certain body problems with their beloved vehicles, dents would sometimes be encountered. In most cases, they are lucky enough to have their cars in drivable condition but other times, they aren’t so lucky. They would have to look for people who are able to help them tow their vehicles to a repair shop and have it fixed properly. If you happen to be in that situation and are looking for a reliable towing company in Addison IL, look no further. Addison Auto Body & Glass Inc. is here to help you with your car needs. You can read more here: Addison Auto Body & Glass Inc., the Ideal choice For Car Care

5 Benefits of Painting a Car

Whenever you go to an auto repair shop, there will always be three major components present, mechanical, body, and paint. These components affect a car in more ways than we can imagine. Illinois is known for having a wide variety of weather conditions. These conditions, although natural, can speed up the wear and tear of a car. Auto repair in Elmhurst, IL and other areas all speak of the same concerns, the body getting eaten up by corrosion and the paint fading off the car. A good looking car would always have a nice paint job and a solid body. Sometimes, cars can have great aesthetics just from the paint alone. Having a good paint job is beneficial in making a car stand out and perform well. They provide an added protection against the elements and make the driver a lot more confident about his ride. You can read more about the article here: 5 Benefits of Painting a Car

Addison Auto Body & Glass Has Expert and Certified Technicians

Purchasing a vehicle is the second-largest investment that many people will ever make in their lifetime. For this reason, it makes it incredibly essential for vehicle owners to keep their cars in good condition by maintaining it. As time passes and your vehicle starts to age, you will need to have repairs done. Many people often believe that they can save money by doing the repairs on their own, and while it may seem like a good option, the only way to ensure that your vehicle is getting the best service around is by hiring professional auto repair mechanics. If you are looking for a reputable auto repair in Elmhurst, IL, then Addison Auto Body & Glass is the place for you. Read more here: Addison Auto Body & Glass Has Expert and Certified Technicians

The fact that car accidents and failures can happen at any point in time imposes the need of having the number of a reliable towing company in hand. Unfortunately, these situations happen when you least expect it and even at the worst possible areas of town. A towing company in Addison, IL can come to your rescue and get you out of harm’s way as soon as possible. They will quickly get your vehicle towed to the nearest repair shop and off the side of the road. Since there are many people who are not familiar with how towing service works, many misconceptions about the process have been going around. Read more here: 7 (wrong) misconceptions about towing service