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Updated by Sabrina Miller on Mar 03, 2018
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Top 10 B2B lead gen tools for 2018

Comparison of leading B2B lead gen tools for data driven marketing and great sales in 2018.





When testing I had a chance to interact with their support team. Often you meet irritated people who answer the same question all the time, with it felt like a walk through a rose garden. Top notch professionals, kind, fun, flexible and super helpful. Yet that's not what makes to score the 1st rank. It is their intuitive tool, neat UX & UI, in house developed technology and extensive database for any B2B company and SaaS. Furthermore scores highest for the excellent features lined up in their road map for 2018!

Top 5 features:

  1. Identify and track unique website visitors as well as companies visiting your website.
  2. Builds on Google Analytics, thus identify all, corporations, multinationals and SME.
  3. Integration to Mailchimp, so you can monitor your email recipients across web.
  4. Effortless integration to CRM.
  5. Full feature free trial and super price.

The most effective Lead Forensic, APSIS, Woopra, Lead Lander, Leadfeeder, Who Is Visiting alternative.

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#2 Kickfire

#2 Kickfire

About Kickfire

Kickfire staff understand the ultimate importance of customer experience. Will walk you through the tool, give you tons of tips how to enjoy your overall experience. And when waiting for your reports to be loaded Kickfire will drop a piece of wisdom in fun quotes. What makes Kicfire a true league player in b2b lead gen is the dashboard, extensive filtering that offers quick overview for marketers that can easily align with sales by sending them hot leads. The only disadvanatge is that you pay extra for lead's contact.

Top 5 features
1. Filtering
CRM integration

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#3 Leadfeeder

#3 Leadfeeder

About Leadfeeder

Created in Finland, if you are fun of the Scandinavian communication style, this is your favorite. Always well prepared, polite and tech savvy! With Leadfeeder you can gain great overall information on rather big companies visiting your web. In case your target audience is only large companies its a great tool for you!

Top 5 Leadfeeder's features
1. Mailchimp integration
1. Google Analytics integration
1. LinkedIn connection
1. Direct link to Google

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#4 APSIS Lead

#4 APSIS Lead


APSIS is yet another b2b lead gen tool from Scandinavia. It will help you to identify companies visiting your website. Fortunately you can track web forms on your website, unfortunately web forms must be created within APSIS interface. In order to get the most of B2B lead gen you would need to connect with several APSIS tool that might consequently turn quite expensive. Primarily strong tool at Scandinavian region!

Top 5 APSIS's features
1. B2B lead capture
1. Lead Intelligence
1. Marketing Automation
1. Web personalization
1. Tracking of Ad Words

5 minor disadvantages
1. No free trial
1. No personal contacts on your B2B leads
1. No source referral
1. No OS, ISP, nor browser
1. No integration to email marketing or campaigns


#5 Lead Forensic

#5 Lead Forensic

About Lead Forensic

Lead Forensic present itself as the industry leader, yet friendly advice would be to stay bit wary when dealing with their sales representatives. Does not seem as transparent nor open company, rather engage in aggressive sale, keep pushing until you say yes. The company does not provide free trial, so you cannot experience the UX, put hands on the tool, see quality of data for yourself. Thou you can put on tracking code and they will present you sample on a call.

Top 5 features
1. Company identification
1. Builds on Google Analytics, thus you will see the same companies as in Google Analytics plus contacts.
1. Leadscoring
1. Watchlist
1. Integration with CRM

Top 5 minor disadvanatges
1. No free trial. You sign up for a free trial, but you cannot put your hands down on the tool, nor see the all data. Lead forensic will present you sample on a call.
1. Does not track individuals
1. Expensive for its category
1. Does not integrate with Email system


#6 Who Is Visiting

#6 Who Is Visiting

About Who is visiting

Staff is usually very friendly and tries its best to be helpful. WhoisIdentify is a great feature that allows you to see employees and staff at companies that visited your website, the sad part is that you cannot view the contacts for free. On the other hand as its not integrated with Google Analytics you wont be able to combine data and leverage them properly in your marketing campaigns. You cannot see device, OS and ISP of your visitors. It is though integrated with Microsoft Dynamics and provides its users great value. Something to look forward hopefully additional integration but definitely its opened API.

Top 5 features
1. Monthly subscription
1. Companies identification
1. Emailing to leads from the tool
1. Easy to use tool

5 minor disadvantages
1. Cannot track individuals
1. No leadscoring
1. Wont tell you device, OS, ISP of leads
1. No integration with email marketing campaigns
1. No integration with Google Analytics

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#7 Wireminds

#7 Wireminds

About Wireminds

Staff at Wireminds is just great! Helpful, kind, patient, not aggressive, provide you with all information and let you think it through and decide the next steps without any pressure. Almost have it all tool, unfortunately scores low as its available only in German speaking countries and does not provide person profiles!

Top 5 features
1. Super easy tool
1. Page visited and time spent
1. Can monitor overall success of email campaign but does not build personal profiles like
1. Track Ad Words
1. Leadscoring

5 minor disadvantages
1. Yearly contract
1. Super expensive
1. Not integrated with Microsoft Dynamics
1. No open API
1. Cannot connect with your Email system
1. Main focus on German speaking countries

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#8 Visitor Track

#8 Visitor Track

About Visitor Track

The staff at Net Factor is indeed very helpful. Walk you through the tool and show you all the perks! When it comes to the tech aspect of the tool, it track companies visiting your website and provide you detail profile, yet the astronomical price might make SMBs change their heart.

Top 5 features
1. Verify contcats via Zoominfo
1. Open API
1. Connected to Zapier
1. Track utm
1. Connect to LinkedIn

Top 5 dissadvantages
1. No leadscoring
1. Expensive, starts at $199 / month
1. Starting package is very limited
1. No OS, browser, ISP or device of visitor
1. Cannot upload data to the tool, only export


#9 Lead Lander

#9 Lead Lander

About Lead Lander

Lead Lander carries a potential. The staff is friendly and helpful, yet when it comes to the tech side of the service, it does not seem to be the most intuitive tool. Taking in consideration the UX, data, amount of filters and the price, its difficult to root for this tool :(.

Top 5 features
1. Track companies visiting your website
1. Can set up alert
1. Connect with your personal LinkedIn profile
1. Unlimited number of users
1. Connects with Google Analytics

Top 5 disadvanatges
1. Not intuitive dashboard
1. Does not build detail company profile
1. Shows only facebook profile
1. Does not show time spent on page
1. Super expensive $3000 / year


#10 Leads Explorer

#10 Leads Explorer

About LeadsExplorer

Unfortunately I did not have the best experience with this tool. When inserting code on website, I did not have access to the tool, bit similar to Lead Forensic. Instead I've been receiving emails on how to use the tool and how to improve my experience. The only thing that speaks for the tool is the price that starts at $42 / month, yet you need to consider for yourself whether its worthy it.

In case you have a better experience please share with me your thoughts. Will appreciate any new input!