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Headline for Things To Do In And Around Weligama -Explore the Many Wonders of the "Sandy Village"
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Things To Do In And Around Weligama -Explore the Many Wonders of the "Sandy Village"

Once upon a time, Weligama meaning the "Sandy Village" was just a sleepy fishing hamlet, but as the world discovered its wonders it's now become popular with tourists especially the backpackers.


Hit The Beach!

The golden stretch of sand in Weligama is a beautiful beach that is of picture-postcard variety. So, book a stay at one of the many hostels and hotels in Weligama the likes of We Escape and prepare to just laze away the days doing nothing but swimming, snorkeling, surfing or just lying by the beach!



This is one of the best surf spots in the southern coast, so make sure to prepare yourself for a surfing adventure here. Even if you are new to the sport, don't worry, there are plenty of schools offering lessons for about $5 per hour. If you forgot to bring your surfboard, you can rent one for about $15 or $25. The surfing season starts here around April and ends in October. If you're not too keen on surfing, you can try out wind surfing instead, which is also quite a popular sport in these parts.


Whale watching

A few minutes' drive from Weliagama will take you to Mirissa, an amazing coastal village that's famous around the world as a top whale watching destination. Hop on board a guided boat such as the ones offered by the Sri Lanka Navy ad get ready for a whale of a time. Its best recommended to go early in the morning so be sure to set your alarms. Don't worry it's totally worth missing a few hours of sleep for not only will you be seeing a wide number of the magnificent blue whale, but you'll also get to see whales of other species such as Sperm whales, humpback whales, Bryde's Whales and if you're really lucky, even killer whales! Additionally, dolphin species such as the bottlenose, striped, and Risso's dolphins also visit Mirissa as well as sea turtles. The whale watching season extends from December to April.


The Turtle Watch Rekawa

Sea turtles are sadly one of the most endangered species on the planet thanks to human activities like poaching which at one point, was a thriving business in Sri Lanka. However, thanks to conservation projects like the Turtle Watch Rekawa, these innocent creatures can now safely visit our shores as well as return to the sea. Situated one hour away from Weligama, the Turtle Watch Rekawa is an amazing establishment that provides a temporary refuge to a number of species such as the green turtles, Olive Ridley, Loggerhead, Hawksbill and Leatherback turtles. Instead of just visiting, go the extra mile and volunteer at the Turtle Watch Rekawa and be a part of a turtle rescue team. Not only will you get to observe the turtles but you can also be a part of that magical moment of releasing the baby turtles back to the ocean, just like Moana!


Diving and snorkeling

Between October and May, Weligama is buzzing with tourists who come here to explore the wonders that lies beneath waves. Join them in scuba diving and snorkeling adventures and you'll discover colorful coral reefs teeming with an abundance of marine life. Some of the amazing creatures spotted in these waters include, whale sharks and manta rays.

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