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Escape Rooms Scotland

This is the time of year when millions of people from around the world come to Scotland’s beautiful capital to experience the thrills and excitement of the Edinburgh International Festival.

Have All Of The Fun Of The Festival In Edinburgh

This is the time of year when millions of people from around the world come to Scotland’s beautiful capital to experience the thrills and excitement of the Edinburgh International Festival. It is the renowned annual event celebrating the performing arts, from theatre and comedy to dance and music. The Edinburgh Festival, along with the Edinburgh Fringe, the biggest arts festival in the world, welcomes thousands of performers from across the globe.

Help Velocity take off – Mary Wallace – Medium

Run for your life!!! Head for the launchpad!!! The planet is doomed for destruction. ‘We are leaving together, but still its farewell’. Your only hope is to climb aboard the star ship Velocity. The…

Work Together as A Team Play Our Corporate Escape Room Games

There are many different types of team building exercises. Designed to promote camaraderie ingenuity and problem-solving as a team. It has become popular for work colleagues to sharpen their team…


Arrange The Perfect Corporate Day At Escape Room Scotland

Arrange The Perfect Corporate Day At Escape Room Scotland

Are you interested in team building? Do you enjoy pressure situations? Do you wish to get the best out of your co-workers, so you can function as a unit? If you travel to one of our sites across Scotland, we can put on the ideal corporate team buildingescape room game. Just the way you want it.
There is nothing like workmates putting their heads together to solve a problem. Are you apart of the workforce and wish to strengthen your bond with your colleagues? How about working to unravel a puzzle and decipher the clues in one of our corporate escape days?
It is the perfect team building experience enjoyed by players at our various locations across Scotland. Visitors can have an unforgettable day out!! We can fashion your escape room game to meet your needs. Escape Room Scotland will cater to whenever you want to play the game. You can set up the time and decide how many people would like to play.
If you live in and around Glasgow, or just visiting for the day, then our corporate escape room games last for an hour and can hold up to 28 people. Our Edinburgh location can cater to up to a dozen players at a time. It is the same for Stirling, as well as Dundee for the moment. However, its numbers are expected to rise soon.
Are you on the lookout for the ideal Corporate Day escape room for you and your workmates? How many of you there may be, wherever you may be, then book a room at one of our sites across the country. If you are searching for the perfect team building exercise around, then come to Escape Room Scotland. You make the rules!!! We will follow your lead, to bring you the escape room game you want!

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Black Pearl Is Riding A Wave On Trip Advisor

Black Pearl Is Riding A Wave On Trip Advisor

Black PearlIt is the thrilling escape room game which makes you feel as if you have set sail on the high seas. Players of our exciting Black Pearl room will feel as if they have walked off the set of the smash hit Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Visitors to our Dundee location will lose themselves in our immersive adventure, decked out like a sea faring pirate ship in the 18th Century. They will only have an hour to find Davy Jones heart, solve the clues and make their escape, before the evil pirate Davy Jones catches them.
Reviewers have been raving about the rollicking Black Pearl escape room on Trip Advisor. They have been telling tales of great adventure, as if they have just returned from a voyage. Here is a taste of what players who have attempted the game have been saying.
chann1996 from Dundee said “What a great experience me and my family had…Very clever with the puzzles, totally gets your mind working but also you have a great strive to succeed! Very friendly and warm welcome when entering the building from staff and our quiz master”
Jordan B said, “A group of us went here for the “Black Pearl” pirate-themed escape room and had an absolute blast. Excellent puzzles that were just the right difficulty, and lots of fun surprises! Excellent staff and a very well put-together room!”
Deborah G said “Highly recommend the escape rooms. We had a brilliant time. It’s a great team bonding venue and so much fun”

Helen T said “We had fantastic time on the Black Pearl. We are a family of four with a 10-year-old girl and a 12-year boy and they absolutely loved it too. We’ve done a fair few escape rooms now but this is our favourite room by far”
If you would like to experience the life of a pirate, or star in a blockbuster movie, then ride the wave of excitement by playing the Black Pearl adventure game. It is available only in Dundee, brought to you by Escape Room Scotland.

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Play Our Escape Room Games In Glasgow

Play Our Escape Room Games In Glasgow

Are you planning a night out in Glasgow, and wish to try something different? Are you looking for that little something extra on an evening out with friends? Why not see what it’s like to be a detective and play the lead in your own story? This is better than any movie. It is not just a case of watching the adventure play out as a spectator. Escape Room Scotland gives you the chance to take part. It is an adventure not to be missed, and it is available at our Glasgow location.
There is so much to experience at our site on Dixon Street. You and your friends or co-workers could be your own crack unit. Players could be a heroic band of survivors, battling zombies, or a cadre of crime fighters. They could be a bunch of escaped convicts on the run or a gang of master criminals, pulling a robbery. These are a few of the exciting scenarios you could face, if you book one of our extraordinary escape room games in Glasgow.
These include our action-packed, comic book inspired The Riddler game. If you want to outsmart the guards, you could carry out a Jail Break. Horror fans, of aged sixteen years and over, can attempt our frightening Zombie Quarantine game. These escape rooms are suitable for two to six players, and are available for £70. If you have between four to ten players, you could play the highly suspenseful Bank Heist game, for £110 a room.
Choose from our exceptional exit and escape room games in Glasgow. Players will only have an hour to make it out, if they are going to succeed. Are you up to the challenge? Why not visit our site in the city and find out?

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A World Of Adventure At Escape Room Scotland

Are you looking to challenge yourself? Do you wish to push yourself and have a great time? Searching for the perfect thrill ride to lose yourself in. We at Escape Rooms Scotland will provide you with the most exciting, mind bending puzzles. They are designed to harness your skills of problem solving. Sharpen your nerves, test your logic and intellect. If that is not all, our exit and escape room games improve your sense of team work. They allow you and your friends or colleagues to pull your resources and solve the clues.
You could then escape from that locked room and conquer that immersive adventure game inside an hour. Then you will have taken on and defeated our various brain teasing escape room games. They have many different themes and can be found at numerous sites across Scotland.
If you live in Dundee, you could board a pirate ship or burrow beneath the earth in a gold mine. Players could also fly off into outer space on a rocket or escape from a serial killer from a horror movie. And that’s not all. Visitors in Glasgow can take on one of Gotham City’s most notorious super villains The Riddler. They can plan a bank heist or a jail break, or escape a nightmarish zombie quarantine. Players in Edinburgh can battle a virus outbreak at the Centre of Disease Control, or escape from an underground bunker filling with deadly gas in World War Two. At the same time, visitors in Stirling can take refuge in a historic Scottish castle or, on the other extreme, blasting off to the stars on board a spaceship.
There is a wide world of adventure waiting for you when you play one of our escape room games, wherever you may be. If on the west coast of Scotland or the east coast and all over, you will find the perfect adventure game to stir your imagination. For an experience you won’t forget, you can rely on Escape Room Scotland.

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Live The Comic Book Adventure - Take On The Riddler

Do you love comic books and a fan of superheroes? Do you like to spend hours poring over the latest graphic novel? Always first in line to catch the latest block buster at the cinema?
Have you have always dreamed of being the hero of your own story? Sweeping in and saving the day in the nick of time like something out of the panels of a comic strip. Then you can have your chance!!! Play The Riddler escape room game, only available in our Glasgow location. It couldn’t be a better time.
This year saw Wonder Woman break box office records. Marvel has just experienced a huge opening weekend with Thor Ragnarok. The third movie starring Chris Hemsworth as the Norse God superhero (not counting the Avengers films). Now the world is awaiting the release of the upcoming DC Comics Justice League movie. The epic mashup sees DCs most famous superheroes, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash team up to fight evil. It’s the blockbuster comic book fans have been waiting for.
Have the time of your life battling one of DCs most notorious villains. Glasgow is under a state of emergency. An arch criminal has planted a bomb at a secret location in the city. If you are going to defeat The Riddler and defuse the bomb. You will only have an hour to decipher the symbols and open the padlocks in the room if you are going to escape before the bomb blows. There is no other way…
At a time when comic book movies are ruling the box office, experience a comic book adventure of your own. Head for our site in Glasgow, find the bomb and save the city. Play our tense action packed Riddler game from Escape Room Scotland. We put the wow factor into gaming!!

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Get Set For The Festive Season-Play An Escape Room Game On Your Christmas Night Out

It may be hard to believe, but the festive season is just around the corner. It is amazing to think we only have about two months to go. This is the time of year when work colleagues are planning the office Christmas do. Are you looking an exciting, unforgettable way to spend your works night? Are you on the lookout for something a little out of the ordinary, which goes beyond the usual festive fare? If you are in the mood for a different kind of Christmas evening out? Why not take a crack at the most fun, fully immersive team building exercise you can think of?
Escape Room Scotland offers customers their choice of thrilling games rooms at their numerous sites across the country. They allow friends and workmates to team up to crack the various clues and solve the puzzles. It will provide co-workers a brilliant opportunity to play detective. They can work together to escape the locked room inside an hour. Do you have the skills and knowhow to make it out before the time runs down?
Do you live in Glasgow, or heading off to the city on your works night out? Are you planning on an excursion to Edinburgh? Are you and your workmates going to paint the town in the shadow of Stirling Castle? Are you throwing a festive night out in Dundee? Wherever you may be based, have the Christmas do of a lifetime! Why not start a new Christmas tradition? Tis the season to be jolly and solve the clues. Play an amazing adventure game on your works night out, brought to you by Escape Room Scotland.

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Play Tomb Raider - Book An Escape Room

She was the video game character from the mid-nineties who became a worldwide phenomenon. Lara Croft was the heroine of Tomb Raider brought out by the Japanese video game publisher Square Enix and first appeared in 1996. Lara Croft is the international adventurer come archaeologist first created by British game developer Core Design.

They envisioned a female Indiana Jones. A beautiful, pneumatic English aristocrat who travelled round the world searching for buried treasure. She would have to use her brains and agility to overcome obstacles and get out of dangerous situations. Lara could escape from a pharaohs gravesite in the desert, a cave in the Amazon rainforest or a sunken Spanish galleon. All the while evading villains, rival tomb raiders, mummified zombies or dangerous wild animals. There is nothing she couldn’t handle. Just like someone who plays one of our escape rooms in Glasgow, Dundee, Stirling and Edinburgh. Man or woman, boy or girl, you too could find your inner Lara Croft. Book an incredible adventure game and give it a go!

A character in a video game has become a cultural icon, just as popular as any movie star. She has starred in Tomb Raider sequels, novels and comic books. Lara Croft has appeared in more than a thousand magazine covers and has been a movie star. Oscar winning Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie played her in the 2001 film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and its sequel Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life in 2003. But another Oscar winner is set to take over the role. The Swedish actress Alicia Vikander will play Lara in a new reboot, simply entitled Tomb Raider which is being released in cinemas.

If you are in the mood for excitement, just like Lara Croft, then why not take up the challenge? From escaping from an underground mine and breaking out of a wartime bunker, to storming a pirate ship and a castle. These are just a few of the adventures that await you if you book an escape room today.

How To Beat An Escape Room

If you are unsure of something, ask a question. But, on the other hand, if you think you have cracked the clue, don’t keep it to yourself. You can go further by talking it out and exchanging ideas. The best way to beat an escape room is by working togetherer.

Escape Room Games The World Wide Phenomenon

If you would like to experience the phenomenon for yourself, book one of our excellent escape room games at locations across Scotland. Ride the wave of the exciting new level of interactive gaming which has taken the world by storm.