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Magento 2 Extensions

Let's look at the best collection of Magento 2 extensions by M-Connect Media. Grow your eCommerce business and improve customer engagement, retention and sales using the modules.

Mconnect Track Order Status for Magento 2

Need order tracking solutions for your eCommerce business? Help your customers to check product shipment status without login from storefront or link URL in the email. Offer best and convenient customer service to your customers using this module.

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Mconnect Shipping Restrictions for Magento® 2 - Disable Shipping Option

Are you eCommerce store owner? Want to disable shipping option based on location, customer, product or any other specification? Try Mconnect Shipping Restriction Module for Magento 2. You can setup any number of rules to disable shipping method by country, states, zip code, location, address, customer group, product and customer attributes.

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Magento 2 Store Locator / Dealer locator – Google Map Store Finder by Mconnect

Connect your physical store and online business on Google map. Help your customers to find you by searching nearest stores with M-Connect Store Locator / Dealer extension for Magento and Magento 2. Locate your Magento based eCommerce store to Google Map.

Increase your eCommerce Store Revenue with Must Have Magento Modules

Do you have less conversion and selling on your eCommerce business? Want to grab customers attention with extended features and functionality? Find the best Magento 2 modules that when plugged in makes way for technically sound eCommerce stores. Designed by expert Magento developers and programmers.

Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension – Filter products by Custom Attribute & Category

Mconnect Ajax Product Filter Extension for Magento 2 gives the liberty to select the numerous filters with drag and drop features from the list and display them on the search results page as per the product category. It also allows choosing a location to display the filters on the search page. By enabling the Stock Filter from the admin, the owners can permit their customers to choose in-stock or out of stock products displayed with the results. You can set it to horizontal or vertical also. Suppose if the customer want to begin a new product search they can again select the options they can again select the following options as per their need. Overall in short, by this extension you can facilitate your customer with a unique product search feature lessens the search results time to get their required products on time.

Magento 2 Product Labels Extension | Add Custom Image & Sticker to Product

Mconnect Product Label Extension for Magento 2 allows you to add numerous labels to a single or multiple products, you can manage several conditions for label such as product stock, price range and data range. Also, you don’t no need to upload product labels every time as you can directly assign labels to the multiple products using backend grid. Moreover, you can choose from more than 8 predefined various label positions.
Mconnect Product Labels Extension for Magento 2 features:
• By the use of labels you can inform your customers about the condition of all the products of your catalogue
• There is an Option to display the label on category page or product detail page
• If you will set the specified quantity it will show left product label automatically.
• Add several number of labels to an individual product.
• If you put label to a particular category, it will be applicable for every products of the following category.
• You can simultaneously add single label to numerous categories.
• Add labels to specific products from its edit section.
• You can design the image of label by allotting width and height on the product image.
• Conditional display of label base on Price range, Date range and Product’s stock.
• You can add various stickers from the exclusive Sticker Library.
• With the help of colourful and attractive labels it provides world class user experience.

Magento 2 Shipping Rule | Custom Shipping Module by Mconnect

Your online store comprises of various products in terms of shape, weight, sizes, material, etc. for shipping of these products it generates the need of shipping rules. These rules will let you apply tailor made shipping charges on the basis of settings configured by you.
Mconnect Shipping Rule Extension for Magento 2 is the ultimate solution to generate infinite shipping rules to fulfil several expectations of online store owners. This custom shipping method for Magento 2 will let you create several shipping rules on the basis of characteristics and conditions. By this extension, you can make customised shipping rules which is entirely according to your requirements. The enabled shipping carriers are listed with the given shipping charge once the configurations and conditions are satisfied by the products added in cart. It will be very helpful to prevent you from any kind of loss in shipping and also facilitates customers with the precise evaluation of shipping charges that is itself on the cart page. It also allows you to set shipping rates visibility that provides flexibility to the store owners if they would like to designate the specific shipping fees strategy to the particular addressed category.

Magento 2 Product Attachment – Add/Upload File to Product by Mconnect

Help your customers make a more informed purchase decision by providing downloadable files in the forms of images, videos, doc, PDF, etc. These files give meaningful information about the product that you are not able to cover in the product page. Sometimes customers have to settle with the information provided on the product page, which for many does not help in their buying journey. Therefore, those customers may leave your site for good due to the insufficient product information. But...
Mconnect Product Attachment Extension for Magento 2 (File Upload) comes to the rescue. The extension allows you to upload and showcase files as a user guide, manual, tutorial, videos, presentation, images, excel, PDF, ZIP, and many other file formats. These files provide information such as installation guides, how-to guides, warranty details, use cases, price lists, privacy policy, return policy, and all other which can not be showcased on the product page. The customers can download such files from product pages itself.
The extension will help you to give better exposure to the products you sell in your Magento 2 store, which may increase the sales and revenue. You can manage all the product attachment files in one place from the backend of the product file upload grid. Also, the extension comes with a feature to upload more than one file simultaneously. You can control who can see the product attachment ranging from non-logged users to users on specific store views. Once the extension is set up correctly, it will work as a sales booster for your Magento 2 store.

Magento 2 Store Locator / Dealer locator – Google Map Store Finder by Mconnect

Sometimes customers or your dealers may need to contact you in person to solve their queries or shop from your physical store. One way you can do this is by providing them with an address or provide them Google map location, which they can follow and reach you in no time. To let your customers or dealers know the location of your dealer store, you can use Mconnect Store Locator Google Map Extension for your Magento 2 store.
The extension will help you manage the Google map locations of multiple stores. It provides ease and speed to customers to find the location of your physical stores. This dealer store locator extension helps customers with the addresses, open time, in-store events, etc. Also, all this information can be imported through the CSV file. The friendly user interface of the extension provides an appropriate amount of search criteria, which will help customers to locate your stores easily with minimum efforts. With the integration to Google map, the direction and navigation to your store will also become simple even if your store is five or ten miles away. The main aim of the store locator extension is to increase the traffic volume at your physical store so that when a product is not available at one store, the customers can find it on another store location.

Magento Track Order Extension | Check Shipment Status without Login | M-Connect Media

Mconnect Track Order and Shipment Status Extension for Magento 2 helps customers with tracking their orders and provides them shipment status with no need to login to their account. With the order ID and registered email, they can easily track their order and know the shipment status on the go. The extension is capable to provide the latest detail of their orders. Also, the customers can view the invoice and shipment details and even print them if needed. Having this functionality integrated into your store is necessary because many shoppers may abandon the carts if they don’t find the order tracking functionality. Also, the extension saves your precious time, which was previously wasted in solving the order tracking related queries. Overall, it creates healthy and loyal relationships with your customers.

Restrict Shipping by County, Customer, Product & More – Magento 2 Shipping Restriction by Mconnect

Shipping Restriction Extension for Magento 2 by Mconnect gives you the authority to set up several numbers of custom shipping restrictions based on the specific customer group, cart, and the product attribute. The extension allows you to create and manage custom shipping rules from the simple backend grid for the selected shipping method. The extension gives you an option to set restrictions for a specific store view. Also, you can create an error or unavailability message to appear next to the unavailable shipping method. The extension has an option that uses shipping rule easily with the coupon codes. Customers won’t be able to check out if they are not eligible to use the specific shipping method and the extension will show an error. With proper setup, this module comes handy for Magento 2 store owners to provide a smooth checkout process.

Magento 2 FAQ Extension – Product Questions & Answers by Mconnect - Knowledge Base

Mconnect Advanced Product FAQ Extension for Magento 2 displays all the queries and questions most frequently asked by creating a well-organized knowledgeable FAQ section. This FAQ section will answer all the common queries of your customers. The extension has an option to display the FAQs separately on the CMS page or on the product page itself. The admin can customize the various settings and display the position of the extension via backend. With the use of WYSIWYG, admin can add images, blocks, widgets, and prepare questions and answers easily. Also, you can enable search functionality on a separate FAQ page so that it would be easy for your customers to find answers.

Gift Card, Voucher & Certificates Magento 2 - Create Gift Card – Free Designs

With the help of a Mconnect Gift Card and Certificate Extension for your Magento 2 store, you can strengthen your store by facilitating your customers to buy gift cards and certificates. Even the extension allows them to send those gift cards to their partners, relatives, or co-workers through email or mail station. Once anyone purchases a gift card, the extension will send a unique code with a message that will be sent to the beneficiary as well. Anyone, existing customers as well as guest customers, can buy gift cards and certificates and send them to their friends.

Magento 2 Product Flipper – Product Video & Image on Hover Effect by Mconnect

Mconnect Product Image Flipper Extension for Magento 2 provides Magento store owners a facility to showcase the different images and videos of the product by hovering over them. The extension will change the main image of the product from the product listing pages with the secondary image or video. A flip effect takes place whenever a customer searches for products and hover over any of the product while still being on the listing page without going into a particular product page. The admin can simply upload flipper images from the backend catalog page. Also, the extension allows you to upload video or a link to an existing YouTube video. And the best thing about this is that it works with any theme and does not affect the page load time.

Magento 2 Ajax Price Slider / Price Filter layered navigation by Mconnect

But with the help of Mconnect AJAX Price Slider Extension for Magento 2 stores, the admin can add an elegant looking horizontal price slider to their category or product listing pages under the default layered navigation. Your customers will be able to quickly select the price range according to their budget by sliding price dots. The extension is able to fetch min and max price values from your Magento 2 store so you don’t have to specify separately. Also, the extension is integrated with AJAX, which shows the result without page refresh or reloads. The price slider extension saves a lot of time of your customers in finding the perfect product that fits into their budget without manually entering the price to find the desired product.

Magento 2 Infinite Scroll - Load More Products – Ajax Pagination by Mconnect

Mconnect AJAX Product Infinite Scroll Extension for Magento 2 takes place of default pagination that loads products on that category or search page automatically while scrolling down till it reaches to the end. The extension also allows you to have a button instead of the scroll down. Once the end of the products is reached on the page, the extension will hide show more button. It can be enabled for all the category and product search pages or either one if you need. Due to the integration with AJAX, the page won’t refresh or reload while fetching the products when scrolling down. The extension is SEO friendly, has lazy load capability, and improves the user experience significantly.

Magento 2 Table Rates / Product Matrix Shipping Extension | Custom Shipping Options

Mconnect Advance Matrix Rate Shipping Extension for Magento 2 facilitates the admin of the store to configure the shipping methods based on the dimensions, destination, price, size, the quantity of the product, and other things as well. It is one of the flexible table rate solutions one can integrate with their Magento 2 store. The extension is able to automatically calculate the charge for shipping and add it to their order total during checkout. A CSV file containing an unlimited number of shipping methods based on table rate can be also uploaded from the backend, which eases your work. The extension provides the option to charge for the shipping handling fee as a fixed or percentage amount for each order. The admin can set the title of the shipping method, enable only certain countries, and allow only certain eligible products. Also, the admin can create table rates based on weight vs. destination, order total vs. destination, number of items vs. destination, etc.

Shipping per Product per Country Extension for Magento 2 | Mconnect Flat Rate

Mconnect Country Specific Flat Rate Shipping Extension for Magento 2 solves your problem to charge for shipping to the customer based on per order, per product, or per country. This extension omits the inefficient shipping charges calculation during checkout that does not provide clarity to your customers. That’s why the use of flat rate shipping is a more prominent option that charges a fixed amount without depending upon any dimension, distance, or calculations. If your eCommerce store deals with international orders, even then you can set up effective shipping costs for selected countries or restrict some specific countries to order from your store. The extension also provides an option to set standard shipping rates globally for all the products in your store. The admin can also set up a threshold amount for allowing the customer to get free shipping. Option to restrict a product’s sale for a specific country and does not let customers from that country proceed further.

Magento Customer Segments, Product Catalog Permission, Pricing Extension

Mconnect Customer Specific Product and Price Extension for Magento 2 helps the store owners to assign/hide certain products from various categories to specific customers or groups of customers. It also allows admin to set a specific price for those products. The extension is capable to restrict logged out customers from seeing the product from certain categories. The extension allows you to set up a redirection to log in first to see the restricted product detail and price. It makes things easier with an option to personalize the shopping for your customers with a price strategy by importing product lists and prices. Also, the admin can set a priority for product price from customer-specific price and group price. The extension will increase the store signup on your Magento 2 store and bring in new sales.

Magento 2 Flat Rate Shipping - Shipping Cost per Product Extension by Mconnect

Mconnect Flat Rate Shipping Per Product Extension for Magento 2 provides you the facility to charge shipping fees based on order amount or per product. With this extension installed in your Magento 2 store, you can charge customers separately for each product. The extension will charge the shipping fee per product added to the cart. If any product does not have any shipping method marked while adding into the cart, the extension will charge the default shipping fee. The extension has the option to enable multiple Qty if any customers add the same product multiple times into the cart. It also has the option to set up free shipping for eligible orders that surpass the threshold amount. The admin of the store can restrict any country from ordering products on their store.

Magento 2 Ajax Login & Register - Popup Extension | Custom Redirect after Login by Mconnect

Mconnect AJAX Login and Registration Extension for Magento 2 is a perfect solution that allows customers to log in easily and rapidly without any page redirect or reload. The extension makes the login functionality smoother and more appealing for the customers. The extension replaces the traditional log in or registration page with a simple popup or a sidebar window. The integration with AJAX helps eliminate the redirection or reload of the page and customers can sign in or sign up from the same page. Also, customers can reset a password if they have forgotten it. The admin of the store can set up personalized success and failure messages to provide better brand experience. The extension helps customers to focus more on their shopping without any hassle of redirects or page reloads.

Magento 2 Rich Snippets - Google - Rich Cards & Breadcrumb by Mconnect

Mconnect Google Rich Snippet Extension for Magento 2 allows store owners to add Google rich snippets, which are compliant to guidelines and standards. These rich snippets display all the necessary information about products such as reviews, ratings, price, availability, etc. in Google SERPs. Following are the rich snippets, a store owner can implement in their Magento 2 store.
• Breadcrumbs
• Site Name
• Product Availability
• Search Box
• Local Business
• Pinterest Rich Pins
• Organizational Schema
• Open Graph for Facebook Sharing
• Twitter Card for Sharing
• Contact us for More Snippets
The extension will dynamically generate information without any need for coding. You just have to enter the necessary business details from the backend for the product/page of your store. This will not only help the Google search engine bots but also help customers to get extra information while still being on the search result pages. Also, the breadcrumbs provide clarity and hierarchical navigation for the store to be more user-friendly.

Magento 2 Out of Stock Subscription - Back in Stock Email Notification Extension by Mconnect

Mconnect Out of Stock Notification Extension for Magento 2 is useful when admin of the store has to notify their customers about out of stock products and when they will be back in stock via an email notification. The extension helps acknowledge customers when there is any movement for out of stock products. This makes it easy for customers to track the product they are looking to buy. Whenever any product goes out of stock, the extension will notify it on the product page and provides a facility to customers to subscribe for more updates. And when the product comes back in stock, it will send out a notification to all the subscribed customers. Also, the extension has feature that informs the admin of the store about out of stock products via an email notification.

Magento 2 Part Finder – Year Make Model Search – Easy Product Fitment

Mconnect Product Part Finder Extension for Magento 2 helps customers to find and narrow down the automobile spare parts as per their needs. The admin of the store can display the search box for part finder on any of the category or CMS pages. This part finder allows your customers to find products by using predefined filters. It is capable to filter product based on the make model, year of manufacture, model number, and other product attributes that eases the work of customers to find the perfect required products. Also, the AJAX integration makes this a lot faster because the product appears without any reload of the page when applied some filters. It drastically increases the user-experience of your eCommerce store for your customers.

Magento 2 Ajax Search Autocomplete – Product Search & Suggestion Extension by Mconnect

Mconnect Search Autocomplete and Suggest Extension for Magento 2 helps you achieve that. The extension facilitates your customers to find the perfect product rapidly with the help of a very interactive and elegant AJAX-based search box. The extension will show search results instantly on the same page instead of showing on the separate search page. It enhances the default Magento 2 search feature with the help of AJAX functionality. The extension is capable to autocomplete the search term when customers exceed the required characters. It will start to look for the exact and similar products from your product database. Also, the users don’t need to necessarily hit the enter key for a search to take place.