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Montessori Children's House

Montessori Children’s House was established about 40 years ago. Since then, Montessori Children’s House has served many families in and around Riverside and Corona. Using the Montessori Method of education, we lay the foundation for a strong academic future.

What You Can Do to Help Develop Your Children's Problem-Solving Skills

We face situations that require us to think and make decisions. We have to solve problems, big or small, in our everyday lives.

4 Ways to Conquer Distractions During Study Time

Montessori School in Riverside, California offers a different kind of learning. Children get to explore and study at their own pace.

3 Practical Life Skills to Teach Children

As part of our kid's learning it's our priority to teach our kids easy useful life skills that will help them direct some situations better.

7 Morning Habits Every Child Should Adapt

As a center for Childhood Development in Riverside, California, we have listed 7 habits that every child should learn to do in the morning.

5 Causes of the Inferiority Complex in Children

Participate in your child’s Early Childhood Education in Riverside, California now!

Early Education: How Can Your Children Benefit

One of the advantages your children will enjoy from early childhood education in Riverside, California is enhanced cognitive development.

The World Should Owe A Great Deal To Dr. Maria Montessori, Here’s Why | Montessori Children's House

If there’s one individual to whom the world should be thankful for, it would be Dr. Maria Montessori. You are right, the Dr. Maria Montessori of the well renowned Montessori Method of Education! She founded it. Her educational philosophy has been churning out not only bright young minds but children who have taken on — and are going to take on — the world and shape it according to their visions and imaginations.

Finding the Best Pre-School for Your Little One

If you want to find out more about our childhood development in Riverside, California, get in touch with us for more information.

6 Tips to Help Your Child Develop Early Math Skills

We are a Montessori School in Riverside, California, offers the latter ideas on how you can help your child improve their math skills.

6 Tips to Help Children Become a Lifelong Reader

We are a premier Montessori School in Riverside, California, lists some of the ways that you can develop a love of reading in your child.

4 Enriching Benefits Of Allowing Your Child To Learn Spanish | Montessori Children's House

Did you know that allowing your child to learn a second language brings them a lot of other benefits – apart from the obvious benefit of learning a different language? This is why at Montessori Children’s House, a trusted provider of early childhood education in Riverside, California, we offer to teach your child Spanish as part of our extracurricular activities. Spanish is one of the most popular languages that is being taught to children these days. Here are some of the benefits that your child gets upon being taught a second language:

What Can You Do to Keep Your Little Ones Safe in Preschool?

Sending your children off to preschool for the very first time can be an experience that is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. It is a major milestone that signifies your little one is growing up but it may also be the first time you and your child are separated. This can be quite stressful as a parent, so what can you do to put your mind at ease? Here are a few things to consider, ensuring your children are safe when you send them to a Montessori school in Riverside, California.

Our Programs at Montessori Children's House in Riverside, California

Riverside CA Montessori Programs - Contact our team to request for Math, Extracurricular Activities and more programs. Call 951-359-5437 for assistance.

The Advantages of an Early Education

There are many ways to help our children, but one of the most effective is through an early childhood education in Riverside, California.

8 Hacks to Increase Your Child’s Vocabulary Even at Home

This is the skill that we empower your child within our Montessori School in Riverside, California.

Contact our School at Montessori Children's House in Riverside, CA

Contact our Montessori School in Riverside CA - Call Montessori Children's House at 951-359-5437 or visit our school: 10493 Magnolia Ave.

5 Tricks to Teach Numbers to Your Toddler

As a key provider of Childhood Development in Riverside, California, we understand that teaching your child can be a bit challenging at home.

Different Stimulus for All Kinds of Learners

Let your child experience an enjoyable early education at Montessori Children's House. For enrolment inquiries, please contact 951-359-5437.

Why Reading and Mathematics Matter for Young Children

The correlation between math and reading has always worked hand-in-hand in the development of children’s brains.

How to Encourage Your Child to Build Healthy Study Habits

What if every parent knows that they play a very influential role in the learning growth of their child? Yes, dear moms and dads.

Tips to Nurture a Deep Love of Reading in Your Children

Reading is amazing. As a Montessori School in Riverside, California, we recognize reading skills as one of the key steps in achieving a productive learning environment. Our Montessori curriculum inspires an independent level of nurturing a child’s learning attitude, which includes a great love for reading.

Prepare Your Child to Be School-Ready Every Day

Young learners at our Montessori School in Riverside, California equally get exposed to dynamic learning programs that will give them a good academic foundation and love for learning, all while discovering their individual strengths and abilities. Going to school can mean different things for children, but education should be a process that develops them to become better, smarter individuals.

Giving Preschoolers a Well-Rounded Development

Preschoolers will soon be on their way to higher forms of education, and the only way to have a strong love for learning is to have a solid basis or foundation on the importance of education. Like how Mark Twain once said: “Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.”

The Lifetime Benefits of Doing Roleplay with Your Child

Do you do roleplay at home with your child? If you haven’t done this yet, this may come as unusual. But surprisingly, you will be glad to know that you’ve done pretty much of this roleplaying behind your knowledge. Talking with our little ones, for instance, will always bring out our secret acting skills whether we’re aware of it or not. This time, however, it’s more intentional on your part.

Why Finger Painting Is a Wonderful Educational Activity for Your Child

Being a Montessori School in Riverside, California, our aim is to always bring out the best aspect of your child through a quality learning experience. You can see that our programs are always designed for the child to do on their own first so that they can have their actual learning journey. Afterward, they get to share what they’ve learned in their own group.