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Best Alkaline Mineral Water Pitchers for 2017

It has come to light about the many (amazing!) benefits of drinking alkaline water. And - at least in my book - the best way to make alkaline water is the easiest and least expensive way.

Enter in alkaline mineral water pitchers...

Here are the best I have found, with the best reviews for 2017.

Plus a few other related info tidbits. =)


The Alkaline Water Pitcher (2.5 Liters)

"The Alkaline Water Pitcher allows for 2.5L of crisp, refreshing, alkaline water on demand. It is the ultimate Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher. Bisphenol A FREE (BPA Free) STOP WASTING WATER BOTTLES and start adding Alkaline Benefits to your drinking water..."

Pitcher of Life Alkaline Water Pitcher (3.5 Liters)

"Great for travel! This pitcher was designed to make healthy alkaline water for people who want to enjoy the benefits of alkaline water while on the go. These pitchers will produce a moderate pH and moderate negative Oxidation Reduction Potential..."

EHM Original Alkaline Water Pitcher (3.5 Liters)

"Original EHM 3.5L Pitcher.Enjoy A Fresh Supply Of Cleaner, Purer, Healthier Mineralized Water - Starting Today! Let's start with a simple question: do you have any indication of the quality of the tap water you and your family are drinking, or of what it contains? How can you be certain that it doesn't contain a variety of heavy metals, high chlorine levels, and a hundred other potentially harmful substances?..."

Hskyhan Water Filter Pitcher with Alkaline Filtration (2.5 Liters)

"BEST PERFORMANCE: Passing NSF and SGS certified filter pitchers. filling 2.5L of total capacity, 1.3L after filtration. Using AS food grade materials, without BPA. No leakages..."

New Wave Enviro Alkaline Filter Pitcher

"New Wave Enviro Alkaline Pitcher Filter features a 4-stage process that turns tap water into alkaline and ionized water. This adds a balanced blend of naturally ionized magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium to the water..."

DRAGONN Alkaline Water Pitcher (3.5 Liters)

"FRESH, INSTANTLY FILTERED ALKALINE WATER - Utilizes a multipal stage cartridge consisting of ION EXCHANGE RESIN, TOURMALINE, MINERAL BALLS, AND CARBON. All combine to purify - removing chlorine, odors, heavy metals. Removing zinc, copper, lead and pollutants to create an amazingly delicious alkaline beverage and each filter lasts for 60 days..."

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