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Headline for Fancy things you can find in the heart of Souq Waqif -Antiques, souvenirs and knick knacks
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Fancy things you can find in the heart of Souq Waqif -Antiques, souvenirs and knick knacks

Souq Waqif in Doha is a place that is rich in culture and has a variety of authentic things to choose from when on a shopping spree. Some of the fancier things you can find are listed below.


Coffee Cones

If you are a coffee lover feel that it's unfair only ice creams get a cone, you can finally be at peace. Made for the rich Arabian coffee, these biscuits are shaped like cones and have chocolate inside it. All you have to do is make some piping hot coffee or get an authentic Arabic coffee at the Doha family resorts, pour it into the cone, drink it up, and then eat the cone. A luxury hotel like Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels, for instance, will have the purely Arabic coffee and you can have a taste before you buy some and take it back home.


Magic Lipstick

This lipstick isn't magic because it gets you luscious lips overnight, rather it's magical because, regardless of the colour you pick, it'll become red once you apply it. Locally known as Al Rouge al Zahri, these lipsticks are available at any cosmetic shop in Souq Waqif.


Cotton Candy

You've seen it all, the cotton candy that comes in different colours and some that weigh so light, they might fly off your fingers for the slightest wind. You are in for a pleasant surprise at Souq Waqif, because the cotton candy you find here is yellow in colour and is made with saffron. Healthy candy, anyone?


Colour Pencils

Yet another quirky, yet unique product that is sold in Souq Waqif, these coloured pencils are of no use if you are the artsy type who is looking for some colours. These pencils are bubble gum pieces that are shaped like coloured pencils and can be found in almost every candy shop in town.


Mega Lollipop

Do you love lollipops? This mega lollipop is your candy dream come true! It's called mega for a reason, as this lollipop is as big as a human hand and filled with yummy flavoured mini lollipops inside.



You can look at this both ways, either as a temporary tattoo that looks cool on you or as a healthy remedy that cools your body heat down. Any store in Souq Waqif will have both henna stickers and henna packs which you can use. There will also be shops where women sit and design the henna on your palms right away.



After the list of unique and fun things you read about above, do you really need anything else to take home and surprise people? Regardless of your response, there is more where that came from. A perfect gift for your home decor loving friends, the ceramic ornaments and dining items in Souq Waqif come in bright colours that will be the life of any dinner or brunch. You can also find intricately carved wooden chests that come in various sizes.

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