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Beach Activities for Kids – How to Beat Beach Boredom

Beach boredom, if such a concept does exist can be easily avoided by indulging little tykes in a couple of activities. As we all know kids lose interest fast, so here are few suggestions to get by.


Play Charades

Charades is an all-time favourite that never fails to get kids all hot and bothered with excitement. This can be beach themed, either movies that you would have watched together that dealt with the ocean or maybe an exotic beach destination that you as a family plan to visit. Either way, make sure it's loads of fun and causes kids to kick up the sand, run around and simply enjoy guessing the names or activities.


Take Along a Mini Pool

Now, as outrageous as this may sound, taking a mini pool to the seaside will prove to be quite beneficial, to parents with tiny tots. As we all know getting the youngest members of the family to skim the surf is a daunting and time consuming task that often ends up with mom or dad sitting on the sand building sand castles; away from the surf. Well, taking a little inflatable pool, filling it up with sea water and placing your little one in it will turn out to be a big hit.


Organise a Seashell Hunt

If you are enjoying a holiday in a tropical location, this activity will prove to be quite a thrill. There are many major hotel chains that offer facilities of kids clubs that organise similar activities. Have your children's hunt for as many seashells as possible; later sort them out into piles by colour, shape and size. This is a time consuming activity that will ensure the little ones sit quietly as they diligently set about first collecting and sorting out the shells. On that note if you are hankering for a tropical beach holiday of rest and relaxation, look for a resort that has an active kids club; check portfolios of Minor Hotels and similar hotel chain owners, to choose one best suited to your needs.


Spell Words in the Sand

A super fun activity for kids, start a game where you spell words in the sand with seashells and stones. Even a stick to write in the sand may prove to be interesting. Make this a challenge by calling out words to see who is first to spell it correctly; or if you are dealing with just one child, get together and try spelling names with seashells, bits of coral or pebbles placed in the sand.


Organise a Scavenger Hunt

Go on a scavenger hunt with your child, and look for themed items such as seaweed, seashells, bird feathers, sand dollars, drift wood, bits of coral or any other item the beach you are on is bound to yield.

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