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Updated by Home Health Preferred, LLC on Oct 15, 2020
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Long Term Care in Denver Colorado - Talk to us! Call 1-303-523-2382 to ask about Respite Care, Live-In Care and more services.

5 Services Offered in a Home Health Care

There is nothing like home. Wherever you are, you will always look for the comfort your home makes you feel. That is why, when elders are sick, they prefer staying at home over hospitals and care facilities.

4 Reasons Why Your Loved One Needs Post Surgical Care

If you think your loved one is safe after surgery - well, think again. It does not mean after your loved one has undergone surgery, he/she is free from danger. There may be things that can be out of your control. That is why it is best to let a professional assist your loved one after surgery.

Skilled Nursing Services and 7 Things You Can Get From It

We can’t always control the things that happen to us, but we can control the decisions we make. Our decisions can bring change and improvement in our lives and it can do the opposite as well.

3 Benefits of Having a Live-in Home Caregiver

There is a great demand for live-in caregivers today because of the convenience it provides for both the family and the patient. It has proven that it can help improve the overall well-being of seniors.

The Benefits of 24-Hour Care

We all want the best for our elderly loved ones but sometimes we may not have the ability to provide them with the care they deserve. When your loved one is unable to live on their own, Home Health Preferred, LLC is able to provide them with the long-term care that they deserved.

What Happens When the Elderly Does Not Get Enough Nutrition

The stress brought about by aging could be more serious than what we have imagined. Their nutritional needs are not just limited to have three meals in a day.

Healthcare Services in the Comfort of Home

One of the more convenient services that Home Health Preferred, LLC is offering is our exceptional Skilled Nursing in Colorado.

What Is In-Home Care and How Can It Benefit You?

As a senior citizen, you will be faced with several options when it becomes too difficult to live on your own. One option is to go to a nursing home or a retirement community. These are great places that will ensure that you are receiving the care you need, but you also have a second option.

Skilled Nursing Services at Your Convenience

One of the perks of enjoying long-term care in Denver, Colorado is the 24-hour skilled nursing services. This is especially useful for senior citizens that are finding it difficult to get through the day without assistance. Our services are tailor-made to your unique needs, to help improve your quality of life and to ensure you can maintain your independence, all within the comfort of home.

How to Prevent Cancer at an Advanced Age

Cancer is a terrible condition that afflicts many senior citizens. However, it is an illness that you do not have to go through with some simple lifestyle changes. These changes are not complicated but they can not only save your life but make life better.

5 Reasons Why Home Health Care is Better than Health Facilities

Home health care is any type of medical or non-medical service that benefits your health and wellness. The services are typically delivered by home health aides, caregivers, or skilled nurses.

3 Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease and Their Signs

We’ve all heard about this disease. It’s mostly present in the elderly beyond 60 years old and can truly affect the way they live day by day. If your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, it is important to learn more about it to better understand the situation, as well as give better care and attention to them. What happens when you get Alzheimer’s disease?

Managing Diabetes: Effective Tips You Can Try at Home

Those are a few effective tips you can try in the comfort of home. Diabetes can be a serious health condition but through healthy lifestyle choices such as a better diet and more exercise, you can keep it under control for a minimum impact on your life.

Sleep: The Important Benefits for Senior Citizens

As a senior citizen, there are many things that you will want to think of with regards to your health. However, one of the most basic yet important considerations to keep in mind is sleep. Regular sleep will not only help you wake up refreshed but it can provide numerous health benefits that can help you maintain an independent and fulfilling lifestyle.

4 Ways Millennial Caregivers Can Help Baby Boomer Patients

As baby boomers age, the demand for home health care continues to skyrocket—the baby boomers (ages 54 to 72 years old) as the patients, and the millennials (ages 22 to 32 years old) as the caregivers. Although there is a huge disparity between the two generations, they can still effectively work together to create a successful outcome.

7 Perks of Having a 24-Hour Personal Nurse for Your Ailing Loved One

Home Health Preferred, LLC believes that caring should never stop. As a well-established Long Term Care in Denver, Colorado, we provide various home health care services, including giving your ailing loved one a 24-hour personal nurse.

Food for the Bones

Have you observed that your bones easily let out a cracking sound when you engage in physical activities?

Tips to Keep Your Heart in Good Shape

Your habits impact your physical health. When you practice healthy habits, your body will be in good shape.

Top 5 Home Modifications for Family Members on Wheelchairs

You can help them live this new way of life when you implement modifications at home that accommodate the needs of people on wheelchairs.

Top 5 Tips After Surgery

Do you know anyone who’s schedule for surgery? Going under the knife can be scary when you come to think of it.

On the Fence: What You Should Know About In-Home Care

Many of us, it can feel like we are being babysitted or losing our independence by relying on a caregiver.

Do You Need a Long-Term In-Home Care?

Do I need a long-term in-home care? This is a question that many of us ask ourselves when we are in our golden years.

Life Hack: All You Need to Know About CPR

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR is a life-saving and emergency procedure. It is often used when an individual stops breathing or someone’s blood flow halts. Through this procedure, you can promptly respond to any emergency and help save numerous lives.

Cardiac Arrest 101: Helping Someone Who is Experiencing a Cardiac Arrest

This health issue (cardiac arrest) is prevalent in the United States - 357,000 Americans are affected and about 70 percent to 90 percent of people die before even getting to the hospital. Because of this, it is very important for you to learn the basics when it comes to responding to cardiac arrest. In this way, you can help save a victim’s life.

Give Yourself a Happy and Satisfying Retirement

You can spend your time focusing on yourself and discover what you want to do with your life. You deserve it after all. You have to enjoy the fruits of your labor!