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5 Must Visit Places in Bali -Discover the Island of the Gods

Bali is one of the Indonesian archipelago's most evocative and sought after tourist islands, rich in culture, tradition and spirituality. Make the most of your trip to this mesmerising island.


Penglipuran Bamboo Forest

This lusciously verdant forest located in Bali's most iconic village Penglipuran is a favourite among tourists. If you are a cyclist, there is no doubt that you will follow the hordes of cyclists suit and flock to this forest whose dense canopy comprises of giant bamboo shoots. Travellers can choose from a variety of custom tours and trails to explore the village through the forest. Vast expanses of spellbinding greenery await visitors to the area who are afforded the luxury of driving past them on nearby main roads. A sight to behold!


Authentic Balinese cuisine

Eating out is a relatively new phenomenon in Bali. As a growing holiday destination, however, there is now an expansive range of classic dishes for travellers to indulge in. From minuscule "warungs" to more high-end dining options, travellers can easily savour the flavours of authentic Balinese cuisine, the majority of which are made rich with the use of copious amounts of local herbs and spices. Whether it is babi guling (suckling pig), Jimbaran-style Ikan Bar (grilled fish) or gado gado salad, you are guaranteed to find a Balinese dish that will perfectly suit your discerning palate.


Uluwatu Temple

The Uluwatu Temple or Pura Luhur Uluwatu is considered to be one of six significant temples revered as Bali's spiritual pillars. Fondly known for its glorious location, the temple sits at the apex of a steep cliff around 70 metres above sea level. Nature enthusiasts will delight in the splendid sunsets and irrevocably stunning views overlooking the pristine Indian Ocean and everyday Kecak dance routines visible from the temple. A spot you certainly will want to tick off your bucket list!


Mount Batur

The arresting view of the sun rising above lush mosaic of fog-laden mountains up the 1700-metre summit of Mount Batur has long been considered one of the foremost things for visitors to Bali to do. This sacred natural wonder is an active volcano upon which guided tours and treks take place on, followed by picnic breakfasts and nature watching. Soak up panoramic views of the landscape that extend past the Batur caldera to the surrounding mountains and the breath-taking Lake Batur. This is everything the quintessential trekker's dreams are made of!


Waterbom Bali

A vacation to Bali would not be complete without a trip to one of its most popular attractions, Waterbom Park. The park is a thrill seeker's paradise, offering more than 20 water slides and an exciting selection of rides and onsite facilities ranging from dining outlets to swim-up bars and fish spas. Many Bali resorts such as the Holiday Inn Baruna Bali are centred in Kuta, a hop, step and jump away, as many travellers opt for accommodation located in close proximity to the park during their stay in Bali. Kuta resort offerings are sure to complement what you are availed at the Waterbom Bali resulting in the most luxurious tropical vacation imaginable.

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