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Headline for List Seafood dishes to try – Darling the foods better from down where it's wetter!
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List Seafood dishes to try – Darling the foods better from down where it's wetter!

Seafood, being both highly nutritious and delicious, are a godsend! Here's a list of 10 wondrous seafood delights from around the world you simply must try out!


Broiled Tilapia with Thai Coconut-Curry Sauce

The bold and bursting flavours of the coconut-curry sauce are what really stands out with this dish. The rich, thick sauce wraps around the mild, succulent flavour of Tilapia in the most appetizing way. The dish is usually served with white rice, which readily absorbs the curry sauce.


Seafood Paella

A traditional Spanish dish that is revered among local peoples. The mouthwatering gourmet production combines chicken, sausage and vegetables with seafood, including oysters and prawns, to create a concoction you won't soon forget.


Prawn Laksa

A Malaysian spicy noodle soup that spells comfort. The coconut-based, curry-style soup contains rice noodles and prawns and is one of the most satisfying mid-day snacks around. Laksa has many different variations and is popular in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia as well.


Fish and Chips

You can never go wrong with a healthy serving of traditional British fish and chips. Fat, crunchy fries served with big, batter-fried, juicy fish fillets and some tartar sauce on the side hits the spot just right. For a healthier option, oven-bake the fish and swap the batter for a cornflake crumb!


Spiced Almond Fish with Fattoush

A Lebanese dish that can add a little spice to your day. The salmon fillets coated with almonds, dukkah and lemon rind leaves your taste-buds tantalized and the Lebanese fattoush made of local bread, tomatoes and cucumber add a refreshing, healthy twist to the already scrumptious meal.


Fish Tacos with Lime-Cilantro Crema

A Latin-style, Mexican dish that's straight out of your dreams! The delightful dish brings together flaky, spiced, white fish, crunchy cabbage and smoky cumin to make one of the healthiest taco fillings out there! The creamy, fresh, cilantro-crema helps soothe the spiciness of the smoky fish.


Lemon Risotto with Calamari

An Italian dish that will leave you in a good mood for days to come. The rich and heavenly risotto is a genius combination of white wine, lemon zest, parsley, rocket, and thinly sliced calamari tubes. Add a sprinkling or parmesan sauce on top and you won't be able to stop eating.



A French fish stew that combines at least 3 kinds of fish, along with shellfish, mussels, crab, octopus and even sea urchin – it's basically a dish of many wonders. What sets it apart from any old fish stew is its piquant mix of Provençal herbs and spices.


Fish and Pumpkin tagine

A simply Moroccan delight! The dish is made with a variety of different types of fish, such as ling fish or monkfish, neither of which takes away from the exquisite blend of pumpkin, peas, couscous and an enticing variety of herbs and spices.


Kiru Garughiya

A scrumptious fish soup/stew that's at the forefront of the Maldives dining experience. The coconut-milk based soup is one of the milder dishes available in the Maldives and is an enticing combination of tuna, sour mangoes and drumsticks. The dish is served at many Maldivian restaurants such as Adaaran Club Rannalhi.

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