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25+ Popular Toddler Halloween Costumes for Boys in 2017

Halloween is a great time of year your your toddler. Boys love wearing their favorite cartoon characters and there is always tons of costumes to choose from. To help you narrow your search for toddler boys costumes, we put together a list of new Halloween costumes for boys (toddlers) in 2017.

Pokemon Pikachu Toddler Costume

The idea that your child loves Pikachu isn't very shocking given how adorable he is and how long he's been a beloved character, so dress your child in this Pokemon Pikachu Toddler Costume and watch his face light up. As one of the original 150 Pokemon, Pikachu has been the face of the entire franchise since 1996, and with those cute cheeks and zigzag tail, this electric mouse will definitely steal some hearts. This costume comes complete with a comfortable bright yellow jumper that zips down the front and includes shoe covers that look like Pikachu's foot paws. Across the back of the jumper are two brown stripes over Pikachu's zigzag tail with a brown base and yellow at the top. This costume comes with an attached hood featuring pointed black-tipped ears and Pikachu's face at the top of the hood, including bright red cheeks.

Paw Patrol Chase 3D Toddler Tunic and Hat

The Paw Patrol costume has been popular the last several years. This is an officially licensed product.

Muscle Chest Batman Toddler Costume

Be the hero who roams the streets and defends the night! Well, maybe in a few years; but your son can look the part in this Muscle Chest Batman Toddler Costume! It's adorable and an officially licensed costume made specifically for toddlers! This outfit has everything you'll need for your child to channel the Caped Crusader! A muscle padded jumpsuit that has the Batman logo pressed directly on the center of the chest! The suit even has soft gauntlets built into it so you don't have to worry about him missing out on any part of Batman's style. It also comes with a yellow belt with boot covers so your child can make any pair of shoes part of his Bat-suit. Bringing Batman to life of course is his signature cape and cowl that your son will don in the name of adorable justice! Have your son defend the night and look adorable doing it in our Muscle Chest Batman Toddler Costume.

Toddler Mickey Roadster Costume Deluxe

Get ready to race around the world this Halloween with this Mickey Roadster Deluxe Costume for toddlers! Included in the set is the jumpsuit, pair of gloves, pair of boot covers, and a headpiece. Jumpsuit is 100% polyester and 100% foam polyurethane, gloves, filling, and headwear are also 100% polyester. With this costume, modeled after the one from the show, your baby is Mickey himself! Race around Hot Dog Hills and the world in this Mickey Roadster Deluxe Child Costume. This is an officially licensed Disney costume.

Beauty and the Beast Baby/Chip Deluxe Toddler Costume

By far one of the most precious pieces of china in the Beauty and the Beast cast, has got to be Chip, the porcelain teacup. With his kind heart and spirit for adventure, it�s hard not to fall in love with him. Of course, his knack for fun almost gives his mother, Mrs. Potts, a heart attack with all of the worrying he causes her. He is made of porcelain after all! Luckily for you, this Chip Deluxe Toddler Costume is made of soft foam, so you won�t have to stress out like Mrs. Potts did whenever her little baby wanted to go running around and exploring with Belle and his friends. The teacup costume features Chip�s smiling face and happy personality, and the gold nose handle is even detachable. While out trick-or-treating this Halloween, your little teacup too, will have a blast with his friends. Cogsworth, Lumiere, Wardrobe; get the whole crew of magical furniture and china together. Just make sure to keep each other safe this Halloween, and watch out for the Beast�s nasty temper!

Super Mario Bros: Yoshi Costume For Toddlers

This costume includes a jumpsuit with a detachable shell, and Yoshi headpiece. Does not include socks.

Blaze and the Monster Machines Toddler Blaze Costume

Let your child dress up as the best racer in Axle City in this Blaze and the Monster Machines Toddler Blaze Costume. This bright red monster truck loves racing with his best friend, and so will your child when they wear this costume. This bulky printed tunic features Blaze's happy smiling face on the torso, with big inflatable wheels that attach to your child's arms. Featured behind Blaze's wheel is AJ, the 8-year-old whiz kid who drives Blaze in races. This costume is ideal little Blaze loving fans to wear to school Halloween parties, Trick or Treating, or even for playtime.

Toddler Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Rocket Costume

Rocket into space as the Guardian of the Galaxy with the furriest coat! Although Rocket Racoon is small he more than compensates with his rough and tough personality. Order the Rocket costume for your Toddler so they can help Gamora and Star-Lord save the galaxy from the evil Ego. A Racoon half mask, furry sleeves and a matching tail give the Guardian it�s racoon credentials. The included blue jumpsuit is built space tough. Orange protective pads, buckles and hardened straps cover the blue suit. If Rocket proves too high-strung browse other great Guardians of the Galaxy costumes like Star Lord Child for a Marvel inspired Halloween!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Groot Deluxe Toddler Costume

With the second movie out and Groot being the small, arguably cutest version of himself, this Groot Deluxe Toddler Costume will be perfect for your little one. Includes jumpsuit and headpiece. This is an officially licensed Guardians of the Galaxy costume.

Toddler Baby/Captain Jack Costume

There may not be a cuter Halloween costume to dress your child in this year than the Baby Captain Jack Classic costume, designed after Jack Sparrow from the hit film series, Pirates of the Caribbean. Your baby pirate will ride the stormy seas this Halloween and steal the booty from every house as he trick-or-treats as this trickster captain. Although your costume won�t be shipped to you on a pirate ship, it will certainly arrive very quickly! When you open this treasure, you�ll receive a jumpsuit attached with a full captain�s jacket, a pair of leathery boot covers, and a pirate hat with a red bandana attached at the base. With a price this low, this costume is a real treasure to steal. This Halloween, be sure to get a band of pirates and mateys together, and raid the seas of all its candy. I�m sure Captain Barbossa, Will Turner, and Elizabeth Swanson would love to join you!

The Lion Guard Kion Classic Toddler Costume

The Lion Guard Kion Classic Toddler Costume is a classic animal costume each year for Halloween.

Ghostbusters Stay Puft Toddler Costume

Includes top, pants and hood. This is an officially licensed Ghostbusters product.

Monsters University Mike Classic Toddler / Child Costume

This costume includes jumpsuit, foam character overlay and hat. Does not include shoes. This is an officially licensed Disney Pixar costume.

Toddler Red Ranger Ninja Steel Muscle Costume

Do you know a brave, strong child who can help the Power Rangers defend the Spirit Crystal? They need help this Halloween, help from all the brave children who dare to don the Red Ranger Ninja Steel outfit. With a muscle torso and arms, and a character mask you won't even be recognized as you defend the planet from evil. Get all the glory of defeating evil and protecting the Spirit Crystal. Just remember to take a break from fighting for a little bit of trick-or-treating.

Knight of the Dragon Toddler Costume

The costume includes: jumpsuit, chest piece, shoulder guards, and helmet. Available in Toddler sizes: 2T and 3T-4T.

Toddler Blue Ranger Ninja Steel Muscle Costume

We all love the Power Rangers, especially Preston Tien, the Blue Ranger from the Ninja Steel series. Both a magician and a ninja, he can take down foes both physically and spiritually. More simply put, he�s not somebody to mess with! Be the Blue Ranger this Halloween when you purchase our Blue Ranger Ninja Steel Toddler Costume. This blue jumpsuit comes padded with muscles on the torso and arms, and comes with a detachable belt. The hard blue mask is also included, giving you some extra protection from the bad guys. Once you purchase a weapon from our website, this costume will be complete, and you�ll be ready to destroy all the evil in your path!

SpongeBob Squarepants Deluxe SpongeBob Child Costume

Tunic and shoe covers. Leggings not included. Available in children's size Standard. This is an officially licensed Nickelodeon costume.

Baby Racket the Robot Costume

Your child will look out of this world in this Racket the Robot Costume. Includes body, hood, arm warmers and leggings. Does not include shoes.

Shark Toddler Costume

This shark costume is a classic Halloween costume especially for boys that love marine life.

Toddler Bunga Costume

Be Bunga from the Lion Guard this Halloween! Everyone loves this headstrong little honey badger, and the quests he goes on with his lion buddy, Kion. Bunga is another great addition to the Lion King franchise, joining the ranks with Timon, Pumbaa, Simba, Rafiki, And Zazu! The Bunga Classic Toddler Costume is made for a young tyke with a courageous soul. This Halloween, dress your child up in this sleek silver-blue jumpsuit, sporting a gray belly and a white tail on its back. The headpiece features Bunga�s smiling face, and will remind your toddler to be brave in the face of danger. This Halloween, be the bold and fearless Bunga, and bring the African savannah with you wherever you go trick-or-treating. Team up with the other members of the Lion Guard - Kion, Ono, Fuli, and Beshte - and have a Halloween you won't forget!

Infant Toddler Popeye Costume

You don't have to live in a garbage can to be as tough as Popeye this year. Our Infant Toddler Popeye Costume comes with everything your little one needs to take on whatever troubles may come his way, whether it's solving the world's mysteries or taking on Bluto to win Olive Oyl's affection. It includes black sailor shirt with striped red collar that comes to a square in the back and built in muscles with Popeye's sailor tattoos. It also comes with bright blue pants, yellow belt, and a white sailor's hat. If your little sailor wants to go all out, we have a corn cob pipe available for separate purchase. This adorable outfit is just a miniature version of the ultimate man's man, it will fit up to a size 4T. Make sure he eats his spinach too so he can be strong to the finish!

Monsters University Sulley Classic Toddler / Child Costume

This costume includes jumpsuit, detachable tail and headpiece. This is an officially licensed Disney Pixar product.

Orange Astronaut Toddler Costume

The Orange Astronaut Toddler Costume is the perfect Halloween costume for boys that love all things NASA & space related.

Big Hero 6: Hiro Deluxe Costume For Toddlers

This costume includes a jumpsuit with attached armor, and a plastic full mask with elastic band and Velcro closure in back.

Little Werewolf Toddler Costume

The Little Werewolf Toddler Costume is a spooktacular choice for boys.