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Updated by At-HomeCare of CT, LLC on Oct 16, 2018
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At-HomeCare of CT, LLC

At-HomeCare of CT, LLC provides Companionship, Home Health Assistance, and Personal Care to clients all over the Danbury, Connecticut area. Contact us at (203) 748-0103 for Home Care in Connecticut.

Senior Care: 5 Ways to Prevent Falls

Seniors are at high risk of falling due to many different factors including their age and their health condition. If there is one thing you would want to do to help, it would be to protect them from this mishap. — Read More

4 Reasons Why Home Care Works

How important is home care to your loved one? Before you answer that question, first you need to look at some reasons why it works.

Home care services have become famous and in demand these days. For example, in our home care in Connecticut, we are taking care of so many patients from different walks of life. Over the years, home care has been proven helpful and effective in assisting and helping seniors or anyone with special needs live a quality life.

Exercise Made Easy for Senior Citizens

Maintaining your health is important when you are a senior citizen, especially if you want to continue doing the things you love.

The Perks of Home Care Services

People pay a fortune just to have a maid come in and keep their houses clean or a chef to prepare delicious food at their convenience.

7 Things Homemaking Services Uphold

It takes a clean residential setting to keep your health guarded. Has your health constantly been put at stake because of a messy home? It’s time to gaze at your surrounding with vigilance and eyes wide open, realizing the necessity for homemaking.

4 Risks Seniors Face when Living Alone

It is evident in many homes that the older people get, the greater their tendency to live alone. This is even true to elders who do not have children to call their own. Perhaps this can make you wonder, “What could living alone do to seniors? Are there any risks to watch out for?”

Ways to Enjoy Life in Your Golden Years

Life does not have to be boring or difficult at an advanced age! There are still so many things that you can do to make sure you are able to live a fulfilling and satisfying life in your golden years.

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At-HomeCare of CT, LLC is a family owned and operated company that provides Companionship, Home Health Assistance, and Personal Care to clients all over the Danbury, Connecticut area.