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Updated by TLC Senior HomeCare on Jul 12, 2018
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TLC Senior HomeCare

TLC Senior HomeCare enables clients to remain independent and thrive in the comfort of a safe home environment. Call 844-772-2730.

My Loved One Refuses to Eat, What Should I Do?

It would be an understatement to say that there will be a lot of changes to your loved one’s lifestyle when he/she reaches a certain age. It can be quite difficult and disorienting to adjust to the changes that aging can bring to a person, especially since growing old is different for everyone. — Read More

4 Things to Ensure a Quick but Safe Cleaning in the House

Cleaning is something that we easily put off until the last minute. For some people, however, cleaning can be therapeutic.

Great Exercises to Consider as a Senior Citizen

Exercise is a great way to stay young as we age. The problem with working out is that, as we get older, some of the exercises that we may have done in the past, or that we were considering doing, are now just too challenging or too dangerous to do.

What Can You Expect from Home Care Services?

Home care services can help you out in many different ways.

Home Safety Suggestions that You Should Consider

Your home may be the one place where you feel the most comfortable and safe; however, please don’t be complacent when it comes to your safety. Seek assistance from a provider of Home Care Services in Florida.

6 Top Recommendations to Help You Age Well

Growing old – this is something that happens to everyone and unfortunately, there’s really no stopping it. However, while you might be unable to stop and freeze time so you can continue to enjoy your youth, health, strength, and abilities, there are certain things that you can do to ensure that you remain healthy and active as you age.

7 Valuable Tips for a Safe and Healthy Home

Did you know? Millions of people worldwide are exposed to toxins or are injured right under their own roof. At TLC Senior HomeCare, your health and overall well-being are highly important to us. While we offer reliable Home Care Services in Florida to help you stay healthy and safe, here are some tips from our experts that you should consider:

TLC Senior HomeCare

TLC Senior HomeCare is an award winning home health care agency, providing the finest in home health care to meet both the individuals and family needs in both Palm Beach and Broward Counties.

Senior HomeCare | Veteran Care Benefits | TLC Senior HomeCare

TLC Senior HomeCare offers exclusively for US Veterans and their spouses, Free in-home care for life at no cost to the Veteran and /or their spouse. The program is funded 100% by the US government, so at no time are any fees charged to the participant.


    Home Health Care Agency
    TLC Senior HomeCare is a Licensed home health agency that provides the finest in home health care to meet both the individuals and family needs in both Palm Beach and Broward Counties. We are an independently owned and operated business.

    TLC’s philosophy is very straight forward. Deliver the finest home care available anywhere by providing the most gifted and loving caregivers. We are firm in our belief that the caregiver is the backbone of any successful Home Health Agency. We back this philosophy up by sharing a greater percentage of the profits with the caregivers. They know how much we appreciate their second to none services they provide on a daily basis.

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