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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Top 10 Pub Meals to have in Adelaide- Burgers, bacon, booze...

Adelaide boasts some of the cosiest gastro-pubs for the ultimate foodie. Grab a cold one because here are some lip-smacking pub meals to try when you're hitting the bars on an empty stomach.

1) Pizza
If you're in the capital craving a pie, you can relax. Believe it or not, a yummy pizza can go for as low as 7 dollars at the pubs. Most have the traditional crispy thin base in wood-fired ovens. Tomato, creamy mozzarella, spicy salami and bam, that's a meal you want to indulge in.

2) Burgers
You can't possibly enter a bar and not find a burger and the bars here are no different. Go big with a thick juicy meat patty, pickles, lettuce, bacon, egg, cheese and tomato and an assortment of dipping sauces or just have the classic beef burger at any bistro for a kick of that meaty goodness.

3) Fish and chips
Fish and chips are a house favourite. To make it even greater, the pubs here take it upon themselves to get it just right. Need the fish beer battered or grilled? More tartare sauce? Chips made to perfection. Moist, tender fish coated in a light crispy batter. It's no wonder this dish gets so many encores.

4) Caesar salad
There's a time when you need to wind down and relax into your food, especially with a cider at the bar at the end of the week. When that time comes, this is what you order. The Caesar salad is a cool, healthy option on a Friday night. You can get it with anchovies, croutons and your favourite meat. It's certainly something to cleanse the palate and ease the taste buds a little.

5) Schnitzel with gravy
Chicken and beef schnitzel is a tenderized meat fried to a gorgeous golden brown. This meat cutlet is one of the most talked-about pub grub so it seems essential to try it. Vegetarians don't miss out either. The eggplant schnitzel is a big hit at many a hotel. [[Adelaide CBD] has great bars for schnitzel. One way to enjoy schnitzel and more is to stay at iStay Precinct which is in close proximity to many gastro-pubs.

6) Steak
You get some awesome steaks in the city as high-end or as simple as you want it. The city is bursting with pubs offering up fantastic cuts fired up to your liking on a hot sizzling stone. Expect the most tender, juiciest meat coming to your table with crunchy fries, dressing and choices of incredible sauces. Savour the flavours of your perfect, rested medium rare to appreciate all that's good in the world.

7) Mac and cheese
The pubs in the capital want to make sure that you always have a good time and that sometimes means preparing a few classics like this old-school dish your mum used to make. From the first bite, it reminds you that this is exactly where you want to be; enjoying a cold one at the bar with some good comfort food.

8) Flaming chicken
Indulge in chicken coated in aromatic and fiery spices and herbs. This is not for the faint of heart, or more appropriately, for those with especially sensitive taste buds. There are many kinds of chicken you can enjoy from grilled chicken on skewers to succulent wings glazed in a thick glossy hot sauce. Chicken wings are easily some of the best and popular snacks.

9) Hot dogs
Here's where you can get the best "bangers and mash"-fat juicy ground pork sausages accompanied by the most delightful mash. The mash comes with a generous serving of peas, gravy and onions, perfect for when you're ravenous. What you'll love is the nice pepper flavours and of course the massive portions which is definitely for your 20 dollars' worth and more.

10) Seafood
The seafood stone grill is a marriage of spices, herbs and sauces with the freshest catch of the day. Be sure to also try the Prawn Kurma- a tasty thick curry with succulent prawn meat cooked in a myriad of Asian seasonings. Other options include some pretty amazing dishes like the soft-shell crab taco and seafood jambalaya.

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