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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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List of Eye Problems and Diseases you need to get checked -Take a look, go ahead

Healthy eyesight plays a huge part in most of your professional and personal lives and therefore, it's good to know what kind of symptoms you need to look out for.

  1. Acanthamoeba Keratitis
    Eye diseases in Sri Lanka are a common threat to people of all ages and one of the most common eye diseases is Acanthamoeba Keratitis. The people who wear contact lens need to watch out for this, no pun intended. If proper lens care, wearing and handling is followed, the risk of this eye infection is low. If you do get this infection, the only way out is by corneal transplant as tiny, one celled animal that lives in your cornea cannot be removed by force.

  2. Amblyopia
    Also known as the lazy eye syndrome, this is a vision development disorder wherein the eye does not function like it normally would, even with prescribed glasses or contact lens. Amblyopia usually begins at a very young age and if detected early, it can be cured without loss of vision.

  3. Bell's palsy
    This is a type of temporary paralysis of a facial nerve and when this happens, your eyelid movements will be restricted. The cause for this is unknown, but it happens to people when they are diabetic, pregnant or have Lyme disease. Because you are unable to close your eyes until the paralysis loosens up, you can come down with a serious case of dry eyes and need to get your vision tested at a place like Vision Care Optical Services as soon as you are well.

  4. Cataracts
    When the natural lens of your eye clouds over, it is called a cataract and people over 40 should be extra cautious as this is the most common reason for blindness in the world. There are three types of cataracts, namely, a sub capsular cataract, a nuclear cataract, and a cortical cataract. In the beginning, the cataract won't even be easy to spot as it won't affect your vision much. As it develops, your vision becomes hazy and blurry, making even the smallest light seem too bright to look at. A cataract is formed when the protein and water in the eye form clumps in the eye as you get older and the bigger the clump, the harder it is to see through.

  5. Colour Blindness
    Though named colour blindness, this is actually not a form of blindness but is a deficiency in sight that doesn't let you see every colour as it is. Colours like yellow, red, blue and green will be hard to place and will look mostly the same to you. If you are having difficulty telling if the colour you are looking at is blue or red, you might have to get your vision checked. There is no cure for colours blindness, but it's always best to know if you have it, because, what if your profession requires accurate colour vision and you make a great error.

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