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Healthcare Digital Marketing

The Internet has brought enormous transformations in the way people access and utilize healthcare services. Here are some tips for digital marketing in healthcare.


Direct-to-Patients Digital Marketing Market Growth Analysis to 2025

The evolution of smartphone technology and internet has transformed digital marketing for healthcare.The market is projected to grow through 2025. Read more!


How Healthcare Businesses can Strengthen their Social Media Marketing

How Healthcare Businesses can Strengthen their Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing for healthcare has become crucial as more and more people now go online to find ideal solutions for their medical problems. With so much information available online, healthcare brands and medical practices should focus on medical social media marketing to reach out to the targeted audience.

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Medical SEO

Healthcare information is one of the most searched topics on the Internet and to ensure maximum targeted traffic, it is important for physicians and other healthcare entities to invest in medical SEO.

Why Medical Businesses Should Focus on Native Advertising

Good quality content will continue to exist. But to achieve speedy growth and branding, businesses are increasingly turning to paid media solutions. Health content marketing involves digital advertising methods such as...

What a Winning Website Needs

As part of digital marketing for healthcare, medical websites should be attractive, dynamic, search engine optimized and mobile optimized.

Best Practices to Follow When Choosing a Medical SEO Service

You cannot omit SEO or search engine optimization from your marketing mix, and ideally this should be provided by a reliable medical SEO service provider.

Top Ten Medical SEO Trends to Look Out for in 2018

Healthcare businesses need to use the right medical SEO tools to ensure maximum visibility for their websites on the Internet. Here are 10 trends for 2018.

Online Marketing Services | Healthcare Online Marketing

MedResponsive specializes in healthcare online marketing. We provide online marketing services such as SEO, SMO, PPC in long island, NY and nationally!

Website at

This article highlights 10 mistakes to avoid during your medical website development so as to ensure successful digital marketing for healthcare.

Google’s Initiative, Move from HTTP to HTTPS - a More Secure Web

With Google’s HTTPS Everywhere initiative, more and more website owners are now getting to know the numerous benefits of switching to HTTPS.

5 Crucial Strategies Essential for Successful Healthcare Digital Marketing

Today, the internet and electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets have changed long-established marketing trends and ushered in digital marketing for healthcare. Medical SEO has thus become…


Quality content is important for healthcare practices as well as companies for successful online healthcare marketing. Content for your target audience comes in many forms like blog posts, articles, eBooks, white papers, images, infographics, and videos.

Learn About White Hat and Black Hat SEO Techniques

The goal of SEO techniques is to improve traffic volume and quality of the site, and there are two major types of SEO tactics – Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. White hat techniques are a good means of improving the search engine ranking...

13 Effective Steps to Improve Search Results in 2018

With continuous Google algorithm changes, the year 2018 is expected to bring some significant changes in healthcare SEO.Here are some steps to take.

5 Medical SEO Trends that Will Grow in Prominence in 2018

The 2018 healthcare business scenario will be highly competitive. Here are the 5 medical SEO techniques that are likely to grow in prominence in 2018.

Why Social Media Marketing Is Important for the Healthcare Industry

With organic online marketing ecosystem growing, social media and healthcare SEO have become vital for providers to ensure a strong online presence.

Top SEO Tips to Enhance Online Visibility of Your Medical Practice

Healthcare digital marketing is crucial as most people now search online to find solutions for their medical problems. Here are some good SEO tips.

Google AdWords Gets Rejuvenated–New Experience for All Advertisers

Google AdWords, a tool to help advertisers place text ads on search results, gets a facelift with upgraded visuals and more management tools.

Professional Responsive Website for Your Healthcare Practice

People now have endless online options to research healthcare information and physicians before taking a decision. With a responsive medical website for your practice, prospective patients can access your website faster on all devices - Smartphone, iPad or laptop.

3 Web Design Tips to Improve Website Conversions

Having a solid online marketing strategy and utilizing medical SEO services can ensure you a strong online presence and generate more traffic to your practice. Here are some tips.

5 Metrics to Measure the Impact of Social Media on Your Business

Medical professionals can use medical SEO services for optimum social media presence. Here are 5 metrics to measure social media impact.

9 Tips for Healthcare Marketing on Social Media Platforms

The healthcare industry is huge and highly competitive and it requires effective medical SEO and social media optimization strategies to have a strong search engine presence whether you own a large…

Different Healthcare Content Marketing Strategies that Work

Fresh, unique, easy-to-understand patient education content is important for healthcare practices for marketing their unique services to the right audience both local..

Facebook’s New Chat Plug-in Could Enhance Healthcare Digital Marketing

Currently available to a limited number of developers as a closed beta, Facebook’s chat plug-in could be a great option for healthcare digital marketing.

How Physicians Should Use Social Media Platforms

This blog discusses different ways physicians and other healthcare entities can use social media platforms to interact with patients.