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Updated by Sarah Santacroce on Jan 20, 2015
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List of Best Advice On How To Use LinkedIn for Your Small Business

This is a list (in progress) of the best advice on how to use LinkedIn for your small business
How to Build and Promote your LinkedIn Company Page | Integrated Alliances a discussion on the LinkedIn Company Page Beta Testers group... we discussed best practices for creating and promoting your LinkedIn Company Page.

LinkedIn & ROI: Interview With Viveka Von Rosen

Gain a deeper understanding of generating ROI when using LinkedIn for business with this featured interview with Viveka Von Rosen.

10+1 Ways to Promote Your Event with LinkedIn | Integrated Alliances

Integrated Alliances (IA) started life in 2003 a a B2B networking events company. It was the same year LinkedIn launched and years before the term Social Media was even coined. IA still hosts a large Holiday event every year and each of these techniques is used to promote the event that is now in it’s 10th year.

Do you use LinkedIn Premium? | Integrated Alliances

A group member recently asked this ever popular question, a variation of Is it worth it to pay for LinkedIn Premium Membership? Here is my response:

IAU LinkedIn Lesson 401 – How To Use LinkedIn to Empower 7 Common Sales Scenarios | Integrated Alliances

Each sales professional is faced with different tasks and ways of doing business that are each individually influenced by the nature of their profession. Using LinkedIn to prospect new business is more effective with a clear plan of attack, based around the style of approach the company may employ. in this lesson, you will learn about the seven most common scenarios that sales reps face in attracting new business.

Why LinkedIn Drives So Much Traffic to my Site | Simplicity

Find out in this post how you can drive more traffic to your site via some simple techniques on LinkedIn.

Main Benefits of Joining a LinkedIn Group | Simplicity

Active participation in LinkedIn Groups is one of the ways to increase your reach, grow your network and create more leads for your business on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s New Profile User Interface Work-Arounds » Linked Into Business

Amongst the biggest complaints has been the removal of Network Statistics and vCards.  However, there are some imperfect work-arounds. Until LinkedIn re-instates some of these features, this should help.

LinkedIn’s New Message and Notification Tabs » Linked Into Business

Have you noticed anything new lately on LinkedIn?  They have taken a “page” out of Facebook and added Message and Notification icons on their menu bar. Use these to engage and build relationships with your network!

LinkedIn Training: 18 Steps To The Perfect LinkedIn Profile

This LinkedIn training lays out the crucial steps to having the perfect profile in 18 detailed steps complete with helpful screenshots.

5 LinkedIn Training Tips for Sales Professionals

In this article you will find 5 LinkedIn training tips geared to helping sales professionals generate more leads from LinkedIn.

My LinkedIn Connection Strategy | Simplicity

On my “13 Simple Techniques To Get More Leads with LinkedIn” webinar (click here to sign up for the re-run on August 23rd) one of the participants asked:

LinkedIn Recommendations for Small Business Owners | Simplicity

According to LinkedIn users with recommendations in their profiles are three times more likely to receive relevant offers and inquiries through searches on LinkedIn

7 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog from LinkedIn @DeniseWakeman

If the audience for your blog are primarily business people, then there's a good bet they spend a lot of time on LinkedIn, the business to business networking site. I've been spending more time there myself and as I've been optimizing my profile and participating in groups more, I've discovered there are quite a few ways to get your business blog content in front of your contacts and compelling them to click through to your site. Here are 7 ways I've discovered to drive LinkedIn contacts to your blog: 1. A link in your profile - at the very minimum....

How To Use LinkedIn For Business - Simplicity
LinkedIn for business? I thought LinkedIn was an online CV? I still get that reaction from a lot of small to mid-sized business owners. They think of LinkedIn as a platform where they have posted their CV and are now collecting connections. It's not completely wrong, but there's so much more to LinkedIn !
Are You a Professional Speaker Using LinkedIn? » Linked Into Business

I recently wrote a basic post on spicing up your profile for business people of all kinds, but since I am heavily involved in the Women Speakers Association  (and a speaker myself) I thought I’d revamp it.  Also – LinkedIn has made changes even since I wrote my last article, and those will be reflected below as well.

Top to Toe Series | Corporate LinkedIn Training | Executive LinkedIn Coaching | Social Media Marketing

Although LinkedIn has just given your profile a complete new look, the articles here still set you up with a great profile in no time! Work through your profile from Top to Toe in less than 2 minutes at the time!

9 LinkedIn Mistakes That Could be Costing You

Many professionals are realising the importance of adding LinkedIn to your marketing mix, to connect, build relationships and increase your visibility and credi

Top 7 Tips to Leveraging LinkedIn – don’t miss the opportunity to shine!

LinkedIn is often disregarded in conversation about social media.  To dismiss this platform is really missing a huge opportunity.  It is the largest professio

LinkedIn & Twitter: Get smart with your Social Media Marketing Plan

The integration between Twitter and LinkedIn was great for the lazy connector, but was it good for your LinkedIn network?  Most likely … ‘No’.  Your Lin