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Updated by Truweight Wellness on Dec 17, 2018
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5 Thyroid Symptoms in Men & Women – Thyroid Diet for Weight Loss

Thyroid is an increasing issue in India. And the majority of the thyroid affected population is covered by the Indian women. While the disease mostly remains hidden due to its mild symptoms, some of the thyroid symptoms in women observed are mood swing, low sex drive, tiredness, irregularity in periods, and swollen sign in the neck area. The occurrence of any of these thyroid symptoms in women can be a red flag and must be consulted to a doctor immediately.

5 Thyroid Symptoms in Men & Women – Thyroid Diet for Weight Loss

Thyroid Symptoms in Women & Men: The best way to deal with thyroid issues is to know it better. Read on to know all about thyroid symptoms in boys/girls and also the tips that help in fighting the disease along with thyroid diet for weight loss.

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