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Waxing Products

Want to use Wax beads? Scroll down to guidelines and follow easiest way of waxing.

Wax Beads are an effective and easy-to-use means for home waxing requirements. The traditional waxing method that uses wax and strips is painful and a daunting task to complete. But it is not the…

Stripless Blue Film Hard Wax Beads by Starpil Wax

This type of waxing products are ideal for legs and facial waxing. This types of formula extract hair from its roots and provide smooth texture skin.

Introducing a wide range of depilatory wax

Starpil Wax proudly introduces its depilatory wax products. We are direct suppliers of pro quality wax products, products that are not sold in stores. So take advantage and browse our site for a full selection or European hair removal waxes at the lowest prices online.

How To Prevent Those Annoying Ingrown hair? Tips and Tricks

If you are not being careful waxing can be hazardous for the skin. If good quality wax and equipments are not used there are chances that you may get bacterial infection or breakouts from ingrown hairs. There are good home waxing kits available online which leaves your skin smooth and silky.


Collection of top-notch quality of wax and waxing accessories

Waxing is not only good for personal hygiene and skin but also is a part of primping ritual. Who said good waxing can only be done in salons and spa only? For good waxing result, you only need a good quality of wax and waxing accessories. There are numerous waxing products available like hard wax, roll on wax, and more varieties online at your disposal.


Types Of Wax Kits You Can Use At Home For Waxing

Waxing is a great way of removing body hair. Not only waxing gives you good results but also it gets rid of ingrown hair which is the source of itchiness and irritation of skin after shaving. In this century nobody has time to sit and wax so people look for quick and easy alternatives. Now with Roll of wax kit, you can save lots of time as you don't need to clean it afterward.


Get Rid Of Under Arm InGrown Hairs

The best hair removal technique that leaves your skin smooth and hairless is waxing. Ingrown hair is a nuisance as it makes your skin itchy and irritated. Some important tips that will remove all your ingrown hair are that choose wax according to the length of hair, hot shower before waxing, pulling direction of the strip, and post care. Follow the above tips and you will experience the best wax of your life.

The Pre and Post Oil By Starpil Wax

The Starpil brings pre and post oil for you which are required for your skin care. The pre-gel can be applied as simply like lotion before waxing. The pre gel cleans and hydrates skin. The post gel is applied after waxing for moisturization. It slows down the further hair growth and removes the leftover wax. This is the best one to use before and after for waxing treatment.

Post Epil Oil To Heal Your Skin After Waxing

Waxing without pain is not possible but starpil cares for your smooth skin. It has number of products for the waxing treatment, Post Epil oil is one of them to heal your skin after the hair removal and remove leftover wax. You can use this oil simply like a lotion after waxing which slows down hair growth. The Post Epil Oil is used to clean and hydrates skin.

Roll On Wax - Easiest Way To Do Waxing By Starpil

Waxing is a form of hair removal that lasts longer than shaving. There are numerous waxing products available like hard wax, roll on wax, and more varieties. Roll-On wax by starpil is an easy-to-use warm waxing product. These roll-on waxes do not create as much mess. The roll-on wax has heated to liquid form then after roll the cartridge directly onto a removal strip.


Soft Wax –Easy Hair Removal With Strip Wax By Starpilwax

Waxing with soft wax is most ideal method of hair removal for large areas of the body. This soft wax is suitable for all type of skin. Starpil soft wax includes colofonia, azulene microcrystalline wax and rosin ester with glycerin for effective hair removal. Soft wax is applied to the skin in an extremely thin layer and removed by wax strip.


Professional Wax Warmer By Starpil

Starpil offers the unique collection of waxing products for hair removal. Starpil wax warmer is suitable for both amateurs and professionals. The wax warmer is designed to melt different types of waxes such as hard wax and soft wax. This wax warmer is easy to clean and maintain for further usage.

Here are the facial wax products you must try

When it comes to facial Wax products, Strapil Wax has earned good popularity by serving best quality products such as Soft strip wax, Roll-on-wax, Hard wax, Soft wax, Wax beads for both men and women who are keen on getting rid of unwanted hair growth on their face.

Get Solution of facial hair removal by buying European Facial Hard Wax Kit

Hey gorgeous women, are you suffering from facial hair removal problem? No need to worry, just look closer at Starpil Starter European Facial Hard Wax Kit. With the kit, you can a choice of Blue Film, Blue, Green, Natural, Pink, Malva, and Chocolate hard waxes. This famed product ideal for small parts of the body and facial areas.

Bring home Dual Pro European Wax Hard Kit

Enjoy waxing by choosing your favorite wax kit from Starpil wax. Starpil wax is offering European wax kit along with wax tablets of your choice. The European kit contains two slots of wax warmers along with the removal tins. No need to use waxing strips anymore. Relish waxing with Dual Pro European hard wax kit.

‘Roll-On Wax’ the most feasible waxing method

Today in market there are numerous waxing techniques available, which confuses the audience what to prefer. From shaving to laser treatment there are many ways to wax. But waxing is a sensitive procedure which might affect differently on every individual. Roll-On wax is quite in trend today as it is very effective waxing method and provides satisfying result as well.

Wonderful methods to prevent ingrown hairs

Just after few days of waxing you start noticing small hair growing again. This is very tedious and disturbing. What if we get some magical tips on ingrown hair removal method? Here are some methods listed for preventing ingrown hair. Follow the mentioned tips and get rid of ingrown hair problem.

Hard waxing is the better pick, but why?

One of the best waxes is hard waxing. There are lucid reasons behind preferring hard waxing over any waxing. Never let any cheap wax damage your skin. Prefer those waxing products which provide satisfying results and easily suits your skin. Learn some major reason about why to prefer hard wax.

The better pick – Sugar-Based Waxes or Resin-Based Waxes

Nowadays, it’s the compulsion to know all types of waxing techniques as many waxing techniques might not suit us. Sugar based waxes and resin-based waxes are used often now, so we also need to identify which one is the better pick for us. Let us know, which one is the best at home wax or best hair removal wax from these two.

Pink Film Hard Wax Beads are Professional Depilatory from Starpil Wax

Do you have any idea about way to get rid of waxing pain? Pink Film Hard Wax Beads from Starpil Wax are the perfect answer. They are made from specially formulated depilatory wax and ideal for Professional waxing.

Best Waxing Experience With Portable Spa Bed

Starpil's portable folding spa bed works best when you are doing full body waxing. This spa bed can be used by everyone such as students, beauticians, and therapist. You don't need to wait for you number in the salons when you have this amazing portable folding spa bed at your home.

Starpil Wax - Hard Wax Beans - Does This Really Work OR Painful?

Every woman’s fantasy is to have silky smooth skin forever without going through the hassle of waxing every couple of weeks, or shaving - to eventually get rough prickly hair growth or painful ingrown hair. We don’t even like using hair removal creams – that many times leave dry patchy skin that is quite irritable. And to add to the woes we have expensively priced laser hair removal treatments that cost a bomb and many times fail to do the job they were supposed to. So is there any solution to our hair removing anguish? Well, we decided to take a look at the Hard Wax Beans and put it to test.

Why Waxing Accessories Important for Hair Removal?

The right waxing accessories and supplies not only can help you present yourself as a trustworthy esthetician, but they also can reduce the risk of waxing side effects. Starpil offers the best waxing accessories and products that you need to make waxing easier and more effective. You are on your way to long-lasting hair-free results from Starpil's.

Buy Roll On Wax in Bulk From Starpil Wax

Starpil Wax is the best wholesale supplier of the best professional hair removal product with great quality. Our Roll-on wax is the best time saver and fast hair removal product. We have a variety of roll-on wax such as natural, rose pink, blue, aloe vera and chocolate at reasonable rates. It is very easy to use and easy to disposable after waxing.

How to choose Ideal Waxing Accessories?

The right waxing accessories will help you to get the best waxing experience at home or salon. Here, We have given some special tips for choosing the ideal Wax Accessories for you as well as your clients.